Please take the time to read the entire Logistics section in full. If you have questions, feel free to call the Alpine Ascents office or email us. 

Make sure you have submitted the following paperwork to Alpine Ascents.

⎕  Application
⎕  Flight itinerary
⎕  Passport copy

Trip Insurance & Evacuation Coverage

We highly recommend trip insurance as there are many unforeseen circumstances that can occur leading up to a trip. Evacuation and medical coverage may be required for this trip, please see paperwork section above. Please click here for more information:


Getting There

Flight reservations should be made as soon as possible. Please note that trip dates are inclusive of travel time from your home country. A day-to-day itinerary can be found with your confirmation letter. Email a copy of your flight itinerary before booking so we may review departure and arrival dates.

Trekkers arrive on day 2 of the listed expedition dates and depart on the second-to-last day.

Alpine Ascents highly recommends the services of Charles Mulvehill at Scan East West Travel: [email protected] when making flight arrangements.

Some of the airlines have been very stingy on pack weight, some not allowing for a 2nd bag at an additional cost. If your airline enforces a strict 50lbs total weight, you should be ready to have your boots and another heavy item transferred to your carry on.

Flying to El Calafate, Argentina
Please be aware that you might have to change the airport in Buenos Aires in order to take your flight to El Calafate. International flights mainly arrive to EZE (Aeropuerto de Ezeiza/Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini) and national flights mainly leave from AEP (Aeroparque Jorge Newbery).

We are happy to accommodate other flights. For those arriving early or departing after the scheduled itinerary, we are happy to make hotel and transport arrangements. Please contact our office in advance of your departure if you would like us to make additional reservations for you at an additional cost.

Arrival: Your confirmation letter will have the exact arrival date for your expedition. This trip requires that you arrive in El Calafate on Day 2 of your expedition.

Departure: Please consult your specific itinerary for departure date. You may leave from Punta Arenas any time on Day 13 of your itinerary. Alpine Ascents can make pick up, hotel and transport arrangements to meet individual itineraries.

Meeting: Your guide or an Alpine Ascents representative will meet you at the airport and transport you to your hotel in El Calafate. Please ensure we have a copy of your arrival schedule.

Missed Flights: If you miss your flight, please leave a message for Gordon Janow, Director of Programs at: 206-419-0097 (texting is ok) or email [email protected] Please inform us of your new arrival information as soon as possible.

Visas & Passports
US citizens do not require a visa but must arrive with a valid US passport that does not expire for at least 6 months from date of entry for most countries. Note you are responsible to determine entry requirements for your nationality. Alpine Ascents is happy to work closely with all climbers to determine visa/entry requirements. US citizens can consult US State department website at:

All visitors entering as tourists need a passport that is valid for at least six months after arrival. You are legally required to have your passport and embarkation card/visa on you all times. Copies are not an officially acceptable form of ID if not notarized but we recommend bringing photocopies as a backup.

Citizens of Australia and Canada entering Argentina must pay a reciprocity fee online at either:
or http://www.provinciapagos.com.ar/dnm/

Please bear in mind that you must bring a printed copy of the Reciprocity Fee Proof of Payment and keep it with your passport to present at the Migration Offices.


For climbers who prefer single room accommodations, these arrangements can be made for an additional fee. Be aware that private rooms are available at hotels during our trip, but not on the mountain.

For climbers choosing double room accommodations every effort will be made to pair you with another climber. A Single Room Supplement Fee will apply if a match cannot be made or there is a last minute cancellation. This will help keep our overall program pricing down since unlike other companies we do not charge more for smaller groups.

In Calafate

Hotel Kosten Aike – Days 2, 7
Gdor. Moyano 1243
9405 El Calafate – Argentina
+54 (02902) 49-2424

In El Chalten

Don Los Cerros Boutique Hotel & Spa – Days 3-6
San Martin 260, El Chalten
+54 11 5236-9092

In Torres del Paine National Park

EcoCamp Patagonia – Days 8, 10-11
Torres del Paine National Park – Chile
+56 2 2923 5950
Paine Grande Hut – Day 9
We will be staying in the dormitories (sleeping bags will be provided).

In Punta Arenas

Hotel Dreams del Estrecho – Day 12
O’Higgins 1235, Punta Arenas, Chile
+56 44 8909220

For those traveling alone and requesting double room accommodations, every effort will be made to pair you with another climber. A Single Room Supplement Fee will apply if a match cannot be made. This will help keep our overall program pricing down since unlike other  companies we do not charge more for smaller groups.

Gear List

Please refer to your Gear List:

Trekking In Patagonia Gear List

You are required to bring every item on this list as described, so be as precise as possible when packing. We are happy to work closely with you on finding the proper gear.

Because we are staying in hotels, it is nice to have a couple changes of casual clothes. A couple of pairs of pants and a few shirts are sufficient.

If you plan to rent gear, your rental form must be submitted at least a month prior to expedition start date. Please call our office or e-mail [email protected] with any questions.

People generally take too much “stuff” with them rather than too little. Study each item before you pack it. Eliminate redundant items, extra  changes of clothing, and other “nice to have” luxuries. You will benefit from traveling light because of the costs of excess baggage and because of the frequent loading and unloading of vehicles. Traveling light may be your key to success. Take everything on the required equipment list and little else. Generally airlines allow two 50 lb. bags. Please contact us with questions regarding gear.

Gear Lexicon

If you’re confused by items and/or language on the Gear List, we encourage you to refer to our Gear Guide for explanations on layering systems, differences between boots, etc.

Other Resources

Below are articles written by veteran Alpine Ascents guides that you may find helpful in preparing and packing for your expedition.

Medications & Prescriptions for Mountain Climbing

Women’s-Specific Tips

Not on the Gear List, but in our Backpacks

Packing Tips

People generally take too much “stuff” rather than too little. Study each item before you pack it. Eliminate redundant items, extra changes of clothing, and excessive “nice to have” luxuries. You will benefit from traveling light because of the costs of excess baggage and because of the frequent loading and unloading of bags. Remember to review your airline’s weight limits and pack accordingly. Traveling light may be your key to summit success. Take everything on the required equipment list and little else.


We are all aware of the potential monotony of expedition food and Alpine Ascents makes every effort to have meals on the trek as enjoyable as possible. We take great care in our meal choices while understanding the importance of enjoying your food and staying healthy. If there is a special outdoor snack you prefer, it is better to bring it from home.

Please be aware that snacks entering Chile must be declared at customs. The Chilean authorities might check if they are in their original packaging and hermetically sealed. For more information on this please check: http://www.sag.gob.cel (only available in Spanish)



Please review the Costs Include/ Do Not Include portion of the website. For those requesting a Single Room Supplement, single accommodations are available. Please contact our office to discuss the cost.

During the Alpine Ascents Patagonia trek, some meals are not included in the price. You should budget about US$20 for each meal and US$35 for the farewell dinner (including one nonalcoholic drink). Credit cards are fine. Alcoholic drinks and bottled drinks are not included. Please bring
some extra cash if you plan on having drinks. If you wish to shop for souvenirs and gifts, you should bring some extra cash or your credit card for this purpose.

With regards to personal expenses, please note that you will have to change American dollars to Argentine Pesos. You can do this upon arrival at the exchange houses, banks or at our hotel.  Please make sure that you bring dollar bills in perfect condition, otherwise they will not be accepted. When exchanging money, request the change in small  denominations as change for larger notes is scarce outside big cities. Cash in conjunction with Credit Cards is usually the best option (Visa, MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted in hotels, good restaurants, shopping malls and supermarkets). You can also use your Credit Cards to get cash advances (Argentine Pesos only) at several ATMs. Traveler checks in American dollars are not always accepted at hotels, businesses and restaurants. Try to exchange money for Argentine Pesos soon after arrival in Argentina.


Tipping has long been part of tradition in Patagonia. Guides are permitted to accept and greatly appreciate tips. Tipping for local guides averages $200 per person/total. You may opt to give more or less without a problem. 7-10% of trip cost per guide team is a very general guideline

On the Mountain

Physiology Of Mountaineering

Dehydration, hypothermia, frostbite, and altitude illness are all important health conditions to be aware of while climbing. Please read our overview of these physical factors:

Health Tips

You may want to consult your physician for advice on treatments for gastrointestinal upsets that you may encounter on your trip. In the past, climbers have relied on antibiotics such as Ciprofloxacin. Your doctor may recommend medications such as Lomotil or Imodium to stop diarrhea, and Compazine to prevent nausea.

Leave No Trace

Alpine Ascents International practices Leave No Trace principles on all expeditions. We believe that given the proper information most people will do all they can to help protect and maintain the environment. Before your climb, please become familiar with Leave No Trace:

7 Principles of Leave No Trace

As guides, we spend time teaching the environmentally appropriate Leave No Trace principles and practices. There is nothing more rewarding than working hard to get high into the mountains, reaching a pristine campsite, witnessing incredible views, and having the feeling that no one has been there before.

Conversely, there is nothing more disheartening than working hard to climb a mountain, reaching a site and encountering trash, food waste, and toilet paper. Please read the seven LNT principles, and call the office if you have any questions about what you can do to plan ahead.


Please note that Covid protocols, both best practices and entry requirements, are changing frequently. While we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19, we do carry out a variety of measures designed to mitigate the risk of illness for climbers and staff. It is important we work together with the same team-oriented perspective we rely on in climbing, and we greatly appreciate your partnership. Please take a few moments to thoroughly read the information below and know that we look to improve our operation as additional information about the virus becomes available.

Vaccinations & Requirements
All climbers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. All participants are required to bring two (2) Covid-19 rapid antigen test to be used at the guides discretion. We do recommend taking a test before departure for your own safety and the safety of other climbers. Please note some countries may require a PCR test for entry.

Please double check the travel requirements from your selected airline. Some airlines have specific Covid policies.

Please note a health declaration may be needed and we will supply information as it becomes available.

Climbers will be asked to wear proper facemasks in all public places while not on the mountain. This includes while in towns, while being transported and while in hotel premises or during meals.

Based on recommendations and factors at time of departure we may opt to use multiple vehicles for transport to and from airport and to and from the mountain to maintain better social distancing.

Lodging will be in shared rooms and tents unless a single room is requested. Subject to change based on conditions.

Dining on the Mountain
Guides may opt to have outdoor dining and not use a dining tent should circumstances warrant.

If you experience fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea please immediately contact Alpine Ascents. Anyone experiencing these symptoms within 14 days of their trip date will be asked to reschedule their trip. All climbers may be verbally screened for these symptoms on arrival in Mendoza.

Mitigation Measures
Hand washing and hand sanitizing facilities are provided throughout the program, We encourage you to regularly clean or sanitize your hands while on this journey, especially after touching your face, sneezing, coughing, using the bathroom, eating, or drinking. Common areas, high-touch surfaces, and restrooms are sanitized regularly.

We are committed to keeping our environment clean for your protection as well as ours.

The guides were excellent; the hikes were beautiful and it was a great experience. I very much enjoyed exploring that part of the world. Overall, a great trip! I’d highly recommend it.


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