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Journey's End

20160902_083114.jpg20160902_083443.jpgHola Friends, Family & Loved Ones,

It’s amazing what a good dinner, comfortable bed and shower can do to re-energize the tired Trekker. This morning, a fully rested and reinvigorated TAPS team went back up to Machu Picchu to spend a few more hours exploring the site. We had beautiful weather and amazing views all around. As usual, we got up close and personal with some llamas- photos to come! This afternoon, after lunch and some last minute shopping in Aguas Calientes, we returned to Cusco. We have some great photos that we will post here once we get to a place with functional Internet!
Tomorrow, we will catch our flights home to return to you. Hard to believe that the trip is already over — we were together only for a week or so but during that time we shared a lot, had some good laughs, and really came together as a team. Thanks to TAPS for allowing the two of us to be a part of this great adventure and thanks to all of you for following.
All our best,

Vern & Carole Tejas

TAPS arrives at Machu Picchu

Hola Friends, Family & Loved Ones,

Early morning rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the Team. After our last night on the trail, complete with a dessert extravaganza whipped up by our immaculately dressed camp chef Alfredo (see photo below), we broke camp at the relatively civilized hour of 6am and enjoyed a beautiful hike under clearing skies.

The last part of the Inca Trail winds through some lush cloud forest. We saw some beautiful orchid varieties and long-tailed hummingbirds along the route. By the time we climbed the super steep stairs leading to the Sun Gate, the first place on the Trail where it’s possible to see Machu Picchu itself, the sun had burned through the clouds and the views were spectacular.

We had a guided tour of Machu Picchu- truly amazing- and then descended to the town of Aguas Calientes for lunch and some free time. Tonight, we plan to celebrate the Team’s success and then get some well deserved rest.
We’ll touch base with you tomorrow night, after we return to Cusco. And last but not least, the Team wants to send special shout-outs to Jen (we miss you!) and Jan (thinking of you on your big birthday!).
Carole & Vern

The Team Enjoys the Thick Air of 9,000'

TAPS group has big day climbed another 3500 feet to 13,500 feet and dropped to lower altitude

TAPS moves up to 3000 meters and doing well

It was fantastic. Will definitely recommend it to friends. Cannot imagine it being any better. One particularly unexpected but delightful experience was the 2 hour train ride from Aguas Calientes – the scenery was absolutely spectacular.


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