Women’s Courses and Climbs

Why are we offering climbs and programs for women only?

At Alpine Ascents International we want to see more women out in the mountains. We know from experience that there’s something uniquely special about an all-female expedition. Whether it’s the camaraderie, the truly epic snacks, or just knowing that you’re not alone in the dreaded pee-funnel situation, climbing mountains with other women is a very good thing.

Our all-female programs combine the time tested itineraries of our summit climbs and courses with a supportive and fun environment led by accomplished female guides. We want your experience with us to be more than just tagging a summit.  (Don’t worry, we will definitely be tagging summits.)  Our hope is that you leave the Cascades with both the confidence and hard skills that will inspire you take on other challenges in your life, both in and out of the mountains.

Maybe you’ll even come back with a new adventure buddy or two.

I loved every second of the experience. I am very thankful for the women specific focus of the trip – this was one of the best features of the trip. I found the group to be a source of support and inspiration and I would definitely recommend this to other women. –2020 Climber

Alpine Ascents International x SheJumps

Alpine Ascents International is excited to team up with SheJumps to provide summit climbs and courses for women and girls (transgender and cisgender) as well as non-binary people who self-identify with the women’s community.

women’s courses and climbs
Photo by Christy Pelland 

SheJumps increases the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. Partnering with nature, SheJumps creates safe, educational outdoor experiences for girls and women that nurture growth and transformation.  They believe in increasing diversity in the outdoors and providing ALL women and girls with the spark that will lead to a lifetime of outdoor learning and empowerment. 

“We seek to plant the idea that it is possible to live an adventurous and inspiring lifestyle, no matter who you are or where you come from.”

– Claire Smallwood, SheJumps Executive Director

Winter 2021-2022

Coming soon! 

Summer 2021

SheJumps 6-Day Mountaineering Course 
July 18 – 23, 2021

SheJumps Weekend Rock Climbing Clinics 
Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing – July 10 – 11, 2021

How to Sign Up 

After checking program availability on the homepage of your desired climb or course, you can register using the link below.



This three-day instructional course and summit climb will teach you some of the basics of glacier mountaineering, including self-arrest training, and glacier travel techniques, leading up to a summit attempt of Mt. Rainier. Successful completion of this program will give you the required skills for some of our more advanced expeditions. Prior to your summit climb, all team members will have an instructional gear check, during which you will review the functionality of each piece of gear and learn about wilderness ethics, Leave No Trace principles, and the mission statement of the National Park Service.

This climb will be led by four of our accomplished female guides and open to women only.

For comprehensive climb information, please refer to our Mount Rainier 3-Day Muir Climb page.



$1,778.00 (includes transportation, breakfast and dinner)



August 9 – 11 – Sold Out



The quintessential Northwest glacier, Mt. Baker (along with its kindred peak, Mt. Rainier), provides and fantastic climbing experience for both the novice and developed mountaineer.  This three-day instructional course/summit climb teaches you some of the basics of glacier mountaineering, including self-arrest training, glacier and rope techniques while looking to summit Mt. Baker. Successful completion of this program gives you the required skills for some of our more advanced expeditions. Prior to your summit climb, all team members have an instructional gear check which reviews the functionality of each piece of gear, wilderness ethics and leave no trace.

This climb will be led by three of our accomplished female guides and open to women only.

For comprehensive climb information, please refer to our Mount Baker 3-Day Climb page.



$995.00 (includes transportation, breakfast and dinner)



June 25 – 27 – REGISTER

July 31 – August 2 – REGISTER


Distinguished among climbing schools, our six-day program has been the foundation of our education programs for over 20 years. During this course, our students receive hands-on climbing and climber’s safety training on the premier alpine training ground of the Cascades, Mount Baker.   Alpine Ascents believes the best training for mountaineering is accomplished with as much time in the field as possible, so all six days are spent in the mountains.

This program is designed for the beginner or intermediate climber who wishes to develop strong fundamental skills in all aspects of snow and glacier climbing as well as rock climbing. It serves as a prerequisite for many of Alpine Ascents’ intermediate-level climbs and is a stepping stone to more technically difficult mountains, including Denali. This course has served as a springboard to many climbing careers, including numerous Everest summiters, and has developed a foundation of skills for hundreds of independent climbers.

This course will be led by two of our accomplished female guides and open to women only.

For complete course information, please refer to our Cascades 6-Day page.

Prices and Dates


$1,500.00 (includes transportation)


August 15 – 20 REGISTER

Private Climbs

Do you have a group of female friends you would like to climb with? You’re in luck!

We regularly offer private climbs and courses for small groups. Please contact us for details as we can usually accommodate your schedule and group needs. Additionally, we can set you up with a female guide if given sufficient notice.


This is a highly recommended shortlist of titles to inspire, motivate, and educate.  We would be happy to pass on a longer reading list for those interested. These links will bounce to Amazon.com with reviews.

Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills
Don Graydon (Ed.), Kurt Hanson (Ed.), Mountaineers Society, Mountaineers Books

Yes I enjoyed this expedition very much! The backdrop of Denali National Park is amazing. The program was well organized and scheduled to optimize the chance of success for a summit which we did. The food was phenomenal despite the austere environment.


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