Agustin Coppini

    Agustin Coppini

    Guide: Aconcagua

    Agustin began rock climbing at 20 as a hobby, and later turned it into a profession by earning his mountain guide certification. He’s undertaken climbs and expeditions in Aconcagua and its neighboring valleys, including Matienzo, Tupungato, and Vallecitos, with peaks exceeding 5000m and 6000m. Agustin has also completed technical climbs in Patagonia and global destinations such as Alaska, Canada, Europe, and Nepal. Notable accomplishments include bigwall climbing in Yosemite (USA) and winter climbs in Siberia. Agustin resides year-round in a small mountain town in southern Mendoza, dedicating summers to Aconcagua-related work, having guiding the Stone Sentinel 20+ times. Throughout the year, he engages in ice and alpine climbing, pack rafting, and exploring remote areas untouched by human presence.

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    Significant Ascents

    Aconcagua 22,831 ft (multiple guided ascents)
    El Plata 19,100ft (Mendoza, Argentina)
    Mt Rainier 14,411 ft (Disappointment Cleaver route, and a winter attempt)
    Mt Formidable 8,325 ft (North Cascades, WA)
    Abi Peak 19,826 ft (Khumbu Valley, Nepal)
    Lobuche Peak 20,161 ft (Khumbu Valley, Nepal)
    Mount Fuji 12,388 ft (Tokyo, Japan)
    The Nose, El Capitan 2,900 ft (big wall climbing in Yosemite, CA)
    Ice climbs up to WI5+ 307 ft (Keystone Canyon, Valdez, AK)
    Peak Guanaqueros 15,500 ft (first ascent in Mendoza, Argentina)
    Unnamed peak 40 miles from Aconcagua 16,500 ft first ascent (Mendoza, Argentina)
    Several expeditions to the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields (Patagonia Argentina)
    Nordic ski expeditions in Siberia during the winter


    AAGM – UIMLA certified mountain guide
    Wilderness First Responder / CPR
    Avalanche Rescue Course (AST1 & ANENA)
    Whitewater Rescue Technician (Boreal River Rescue)
    Leave No Trace Trainer

    The guides were exceptional. It became clear almost instantly that we were in good hands and I felt safe and secure the entire time, which is the most important thing to me. 

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