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Media Quotes

Our Alaskan Yak Tours were honored by Outside Magazine as Trip of The Year!

For most people, Everest is a once in a lifetime experience because of the costs, the time invested, etc. So if you’re considering giving it a shot — go with the best possible service provider. Alpine Ascents logistics, guides and Sherpa team are absolutely top notch.” – Alison Levine, Alpine Ascents Everest team, author of the New York Times bestseller ON THE EDGE, featured on 60 Minutes Sports


Alpine Ascents has been named one of “The Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. We are extremely proud to be named the highest rated Mountain Guide Service.


Alpine Ascents has been named one of “The Best Outfitters On The Planet” by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. We are the only Mountaineering Company to receive a 100% Client Experience Rating.


“Meet the Best Teachers in the business.” Outside Magazine.


Alpine Ascents is “the premier way to experience Mt. McKinley with a guide service.” Outside Magazine

Our Kilimanjaro climb was highlighted in The Houston Chronicle.

In addition to the recent recognition in Travel & Leisure and National Geographic Adventure, our Kilimanjaro expedition was selected as “The Millennium Climb” by Men’s Journal and has been highlighted in the New York Times,, Business Week and Blue Magazine.

Our Kilimanjaro Climb was named one of “The 25 Greatest Adventure Trips in the World. “And Chosen as One of the World’s Best Hikes by National Geographic Adventure Magazinenga-logo-sm

“I’d been to Nepal before, but traveling with Alpine Ascents was a different trip altogether. The trek logistics were flawlessly organized, from Kathmandu to Base Camp (even the layovers in Bangkok) so I could concentrate on enjoying the countryside. Traveling with experienced guides like Todd and Vern opens doors that are closed to most visitors. Not only do those guys know the way, they know most of the people along the way, and the result is a cultural experience unmatched by anything I’ve experienced before. It’s the way Himalayan travel should be.” – Peter Potterfield, Author of High Himalaya and Classic Hikes Of The World.


“Climbing Mt. McKinley with Alpine Ascents transformed a cold, logistically complicated climb into a rewarding, simple, and even socially rewarding experience. The food was plentiful and nourishing and the climbing schedule was demanding but sensible. These guys have been up the mountain long enough to dial in what works. Overall, if you want a good shot at climbing a tough mountain, go with Alpine Ascents.” -Joe Glickman, New York Times.

“Finally, there are the much-quoted $65,000 slots, with a couple of high-profile outfitters. I’ve gotten to know one of them, Alpine Ascents, quite well here at base camp, and have to admit, if I could afford it, I’d probably go for it. Cynics would argue that I’m saying this because I’ve gobbled up so much of Alpine Ascent’s tea cake up here, but for a climber, to be able to climb with mountaineering legends like Vern Tejas or Willi Prittie is an experience akin to painting with Picasso or golfing with Palmer. In some cases, if you can afford it, 65 grand is not an overwhelming price to climb with the best. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think Alpine Ascents is serving tea.” Finn Olaf Jones –

Alpine Ascents was selected by National Geographic for the film “Life and Death on Denali” featured on National Geographic Ultimate Explorer.

Nat Geo

Our Elbrus Climb is Featured in In the Lonely Planet book, “Year of Adventures”

Our Aconcagua Expedition was featured in Men’s Journal.

Our India Tour was featured in National Geographic Adventure.

“Of all the great guide services on Kilimanjaro, Alpine Ascents might be the best. Its success rate is close to 90 percent, and though its treks are longer and pricier, they avoid the jam-packed Marangu Route.” – Outside Magazine

Our Mexico Volcanoes Expedition was featured in Men’s Journal.

In addition to being a primary media resource, Alpine Ascents and our Climbers and Guides have been featured in most major publications and media outlets including: CNN, MSNBC, ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, Nightline, 20/20, The Travel Channel, Fox News, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today, Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Blue Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Outside Magazine, Climbing Magazine, Rock & Ice, Men’s Journal, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and hundreds of local news organizations and affiliates around the world.

Most Recent Climber Comments

Testimonial for Mount Kilimanjaro

For those of you who hate long reviews: stop looking, sign with this company now. You will be happy you did.
For those of you who want to know why, here are just some of the reasons.
I summited Mount Kilimanjaro February 12, 2017.

My American guides were Carol and Vernon Tejas.
Go to their guide page and read their accomplishments. You will just be in awe saying “Wow.” Besides their professional accomplishments, they are the most caring people you would want to climb with. I don’t know how they did it but they helped, guided, encouraged and supported each person during the entire climb. From always being available for both physical and emotional concerns to making sure you’re eating and drinking enough to checking your oxygen level with a pulse oximeter daily to teaching you breathing techniques, different step techniques to Vern playing his mini guitar, singing or playing the harmonica to keeping you entertained, focused and making the time pass faster. Truly amazing.

After signing up, Alpine Ascents will send you a comprehensive information packet. It will include anything and everything you would want to know about your trek. From how to get the visa, immunizations, logistics, training schedule and travel recommendations, it will be all there. And so will the people in the office. I don’t know how many times I talked to the people in the gear department and they went as far as going online to different companies to finding the gear at the best possible price to suit my needs.

It was evident from the minute you saw the interaction that Alpine not only has a professional, but also personal relationship with the African Staff. Their business ethics are impeccable. The African Staff has worked with them for many years, which speaks highly for both parties.

If you value the outdoors you will appreciate that their philosophy is “leave no trace behind”. Many companies say that, but they live it. Our team would carry our trash on the trail until we could properly dispose of it in camp. However, our guides and assistant guides carry bags with them and whenever they seen trash on the trail, they picked up trash that others discarded.
The meals and snacks are fantastic. If you think you might loose weight while climbing, think again. Every time you turn around there will be more food.
I will certainly sign up to go on another trek with Alpine Ascents.

2017 Climber

Testimonial for Aconcagua

Once again, AAI and the incredible guides provided an expedition that exceeded all hopes and expectations. Every detail is so dialed in there is a reason I keep coming back time and time again to AAI and will continue to do so. Unbelievably impressive leadership skills were displayed from the initial communications made throughout every step up and down the mountain. The knowledge and expertise of each guide qualifies them to lead and yet together they perfectly blended and complimented one another. I walked away with new, improved ways to individually care for myself, contribute to the team dynamic, and simply be a better individual in and out of the mountains. The guides were above and beyond per usual with AAI. Inspiring, knowledgeable, kind, and motivational. No one responds faster or better than the AAI staff and administration. The new website is also so wonderful to use and is a massive improvement from the old website. All group equipment was in exceptional shape and the food throughout the trip was better often than what I make for myself at home. Just keep doing the same thing – hard to improve on perfection.

2017 Climber

Testimonial for Rainier Denali Preparation

I LOVED this course. I had almost no experience with winter mountaineering prior to this class, and now I feel proficient enough to try some more challenging mountains. I thought the course was very well considered – lots of information but it was all relevant, interesting and useful. Devin gave clear instructions and was patient with the entire team as we learned. He was able to take a step back and let us learn through experience but also was not shy about stepping in to help when needed. He made the course fun, but also kept us on our toes with a healthy dose of reality every now and then to emphasize the importance of being prepared in the mountains. I was never afraid to ask questions when I didn’t understand. Devin also set a high standard and high expectation of teamwork that set the tone for an awesome week with a group of people who really did have fun working as a team! Stephen was great about stepping in to explain things in more detail. He was very patient, especially with me as I struggled on the last push to camp Muir. He was always positive and encouraging, offering useful instruction on specific ways I could be improving. Together Stephen and Devin made a great team, leading by example they encouraged the whole group to cooperate together – and have fun together, of course! It was obvious that both Devin and Stephen had lots of experience and were very qualified to teach the course. I was glad that both had been to Denali before and were able to answer any and all burning questions we had about Denali in particular. I could tell that both Devin and Stephen enjoyed teaching, they were willing to answer questions and explained things well.

LOVE the website redesign! It’s so much easier to navigate than it used to be. I am very impressed with how responsive the entire Alpine Ascents staff has been – I’ve spoken with Gordon, Matt Miller and Chris Thalman via email with questions and all were very responsive and helpful. Being able to talk to the gear department is a major selling point too, I know I’ll get good advice when I call ya’ll! Overall this was a rewarding course to participate in – it was worth every penny! There was so much information packed into one week, if anything it would be beneficial to be a day or two longer.

I think the strengths of the course were that it was a part of Alpine Ascents, which is clearly an expert in the mountaineering field so it felt like a trustworthy source; the guides were experienced and knowledgeable and enjoyed teaching; crevasse rescue day – it was the chance to put together everything we’d learned and though intimidating and challenging, was very rewarding.

2017 Climber

Testimonial for Aconcagua

Yes, I did. This was an unforgettable mental and physical challenge to reach the summit of a very high peak, and to go through the challenges that come with acclimatizing to such an altitude. The guides were personable and functioned well as a team, the food was good, and the fellow climbers got along well. This is an excellent program for helping people experience high-altitude mountaineering. Alpine Ascents appears to have done a good job of selecting climbers with appropriate experiences to prepare them for a mountain on the scale of Aconcagua. The accommodations made things comfortable at many steps along the way, from Mendoza all the way to high camp and back.

Tents were high quality, easy to assemble and disassemble. I had no trouble carrying group food and fuel on carry days, and otherwise there wasn’t much group equipment. The food was excellent. I knew they like their grass-fed steaks and Malbec wines in Argentina, but didn’t expect to have such luxuries with us on the low part of the mountain, when I was expecting to be roughing it a bit more. That was OK, as the low mountain and high mountain are different experiences altogether. I had a strong appetite the entire trip, and appreciated that there were always a few leftovers.

2017 Climber

Testimonial for Rainier Denali Preparation

The effort in travelling from Australia for the Denali Prep course was well worth it. I am now so much more reassured as to what to expect and demanded of me to ensure the best chances of summiting on Denali in a few months. I would totally recommend the prep course prior to Denali. Devon Bishop and Stephen Williams were very knowledgeable, capable and both made a great team. Devon’s instructional technique was very effective. During the presentation of new skills (ie crevasse rescue) he reinforced at every opportunity the necessary steps. The result was all clients could recall the process with ease when required to conduct the rescue themselves.

Both Devon and Stephen demonstrated an exceptional breadth of knowledge across all aspects of mountaineering. The guides were awesome, approachable, with a great sense of humour. As an international client, the entire process: from website information, course application, payment and communication was faultless. I am certainly reassured when considering future interactions with Alpine Ascents International. Mount Rainier was the perfect location for my Denali preparations. We had a mix of good and bad weather which allowed for validation of my gear. As an international client, I was completely at ease with my equipment requirements. My various inquiries with the gear department resulted in prompt and complete responses. My goals from the Denali Prep course were fully met. Refresh of basic mountaineering skills was beneficial, however the new practical skills of winter mountaineering, fixed lines, etc (Denali focus) will make my Denali expedition in a few months so much more enjoyable.

2017 Climber

Testimonial for Mount Kilimanjaro

Yes, everything was very well managed and on-schedule. Ben and the Tanzanian guides were all extremely helpful and knowledgeable that ensured everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Excellent, his advice was always good and stories from other climbs, both Kili and elsewhere, were informative. I think Ben was very good at answering everyone’s questions, managing their expectations, and concerns. All the guides and porter were wonderful—friendly, hard-working, helpful, and seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. All my correspondence with AAI have been professional and responsive. Preparation materials were also very useful. I feel I arrived in Arusha well equipped and prepared for the climb. The quality of everything was good. I felt it was a very well-organized and execute trip and will recommend it to others. I will also consider using AAI for additional treks/climbs.

2017 Climber

Testimonial for Mount Kilimanjaro

This expedition far exceeded anything I could have imagined! We were given so much help and information prior to the trip that I found very helpful. There are not enough words to describe the great support and encouragement that was given to us by your Alpine Staff as well as in Africa. Every person from the guides to the porters were amazing. There was always someone there to give assistance and encouragement throughout the trek. All questions and concerns were answered and attended to as soon as they came up. I had difficulty coming down the mountain and the guides (US and African) were there right away.

Vern and Carole were amazing! I don’t think we could have had better guides for this expedition than these two. I was so happy to have a woman guide there who was experienced and knowledgeable as Carole. I’m not sure how they did it but they helped, encouraged, guided and supported each person during the week. They attended to personal concerns as well as physical and emotional ones. They were quick with a smile and their support was unending. They are both quite good leaders and made it easy to follow their directions and advice. Both guides were great when it came to showing us “the ropes” of climbing. I have done some hiking however their knowledge of the mountain and of climbing was superb. Not only did they help with the breathing but described why we needed to do breathe the way they taught us and why it was important to acclimate to the altitude. They gave briefings every day and told us what to expect, what to wear and answered any questions we had. Their concern for us made it easy to ask questions and know that there were no silly questions when it came to our safety and reaching the top of the mountain. They were great! As I stated before it was nice to have a woman guide along. They were both so helpful, easy to visit with and pleasant throughout the trip. I had no problem ever approaching either with a question or concern I had. They stayed with those that were having difficulty and encouraged each person daily.

I also would like to mention here that the African guides were also great. From Abel to the ones who guided us up the mountain and back down. They sang to us, they carried our packs when we were tired and they encouraged us every step of the way. Once again 100% rating goes to the guides from the US and Africa. I have never seen any group like them in my travels. I thought everything was done very well. All questions were answered thoroughly and promptly. Everything we were to order and bring to the expedition was used and all information on the travel, hotel transportation etc was 100%. Once again I cannot say enough good about the lodging, safari and guides. I had both John and Mohammad. They were so knowledgeable about the country and animals. They went slow so we could view the animals and told us the history of the parks there and the people. They both went out of their way to make sure everyone had an enjoyable time. We saw so much in all the parks and such a variety. They were good at getting us to the various airports on time as well. The lodges were so wonderful. I loved the yurt at the first place we stayed and found it perfect there. The people at the lodge made us all feel welcome and bent over backwards to help those that were having a difficult time.

The food was great too! I enjoyed every single minute of the safari, the people we met and our guides. You chose some amazing drivers and guides for this tour. As far as I’m concerned there is no way to improve. You have the best people working for you and that a real team that works together. I feel the strength you have is the unity and teamwork that is shown by both Alpine and Big Expeditions. Your guides could not have been better. The entire program you set up was amazing and one that changed many things in my life by signing up. There are many people who would never attempt something like we did and with the help of your team, we made it. This was one adventure I will never forget and will always be up in the top 3 of my travels.

2017 Climber

Testimonial for Mount Kilimanjaro

The expedition was awesome. Everything from arrival and transport to/from the expedition to the expedition itself was very efficient and clear. Having a walking tour of the city of Arusha was a nice, unexpected surprise as were the offsite dinners. Yes, Ben was excellent in involving everyone, keeping everyone motivated and in the right mindset, and making sure we were informed of that day’s activities. Despite not being the guide on the safari, he also made sure to organize everyone for that as well as provide a few helpful tips and suggestions while on that part of the expedition. Very good, he was able to relate to all members of the group, which had a wide variety of both experience and personalities. He kept everyone engaged and greatly eased everyone’s stress levels. Dani and Chris were my two points of contact in the office. Both were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process of booking rental gear as well as answering logistical/billing questions. Responses were always prompt and they are both amazing assets to have. The extra day on the trail was an added benefit to acclimatization and something I would recommend to everyone. The support provided by both Ben and the local staff was incredible. Everything considered, the price of the program was a bargain given everything it included.

2017 Climber

Testimonial for Mount Kilimanjaro

I thoroughly enjoyed my Kilimanjaro expedition; and found it to be a 1st class experience all the way. Yes, our guide was extremely professional and very knowledgeably in his area of expertise. I had confidence in his skill level and abilities 100% of the time we spent with him. Our guide was very professional and caring. He provided necessary information to get us successfully up the mountain and back down. I found everything provided by your administration staff and website to be very detailed and extremely helpful in managing and setting expectations. I encountered no surprises on my trip or during the expedition. Yes, I followed the training recommendations and schedules and was very pleased with my ability to successfully climb the mountain and live to tell about it after! I thought maybe I’d over trained, but turned out to be more taxing then I’d anticipated and was very grateful for all the training I did accomplish. I found all the lodges and accommodations to be excellent and certainly lived up to their 4 star ratings. The game viewing vehicles were very adequate for our party, and as comfortable as can be expected given the roads we were traveling on. Our drivers & guides were very knowledgeably and extremely talented at pointing out wildlife for our viewing and photo taking pleasure. Our guides also provided information on the animal’s habitats and migrations.

Strengths – The overall organization and logistics were top quality, and certainly exceeded all my expectations. My wife wishes to thank Alpine Ascents & Guide Eric for providing the daily Cybercasts during the climb. I’m sure everyone was tired after climbing all day, but she found them very effective in easing anxiety and potential concerns of health & well being and were very much appreciated! I didn’t experience any weaknesses prior to our or during our trip. It was completely enjoyable and one of my journey highlights!

2017 Climber

Testimonial for Mount Vinson

Yes I enjoyed it very much! Our guide Vern did an excellent job leading the trip, and in addition to safely guiding us up Mount Vinson made the efforts to take us on additional activities after the Vinson climb also – such as crevasse rescue training and scrambling up Mount Rossman. Was great to have Paul pick me up from the airport and make sure everything was looked after in Punta Arenas also.

Vern demonstrated excellent leadership skills. He gave clear expectations and instructions every day, and I learned lots about setting up tents and winter camping. Appreciate also being asked about my opinion on the plan for the day given weather and energy levels which Vern did often. Vern obviously knows the mountain very well and I always knew 100% that our team was in good hands. Vern is personable and easy to get along with. He is a wealth of knowledge, has many interesting stories, and also a great musician!

Awesome job – staff always responded to my questions very quickly! (even after I sent my money in) Course material was good and answered most questions I had clearly. Strengths – Vern and his leadership and experience. Real food on the mountain. ALE and the camps were awesome. Also was happy with the extra time built into the schedule as I felt I had plenty of time around Union Glacier and in Punta Arenas for sightseeing after my trip. I will highly recommend Alpine Ascents and Vern / Paul to anyone looking for a guide! Thanks guys!

2017 Climber


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