Mount Rainier | Taquoma — 3 Day Muir Climb Testimonials

Alpine Ascents stands out to me amongst the rest due to the quality of your guides and their interpersonal skills.

Shayna J.

Guides were fantastic. Very knowledgeable and struck a nice balance between authoritative and personable, knowing when the time was right for each.
Kevin R.

I am sure everyone agrees that your guides are the biggest strength. We had a very diverse group – different ages, abilities, gender, culture etc. Having a guide group similarly diverse made a huge difference. All the guides were patient and took time to explain things, get to know the climbers, and connect with the climbers.

2021 Climber

Absolutely enjoyed the climb. Amazing guides that were fun to spend time with and extremely prepared and capable, and a fun crew to boot! It was great that each brought their own focus, interests, and flavors of each skill. It was really tremendous. I would highly recommend Alpine Ascents and this trip specifically to others.

2021 Climber

Our guides were very knowledgeable and I was impressed with how the trip was organized. I’ve been up Mount Rainier three times with the last two being with another organization. You have them beat. The 2 night itinerary gave us enough time to enjoy the experience. Truly a memory maker. First class all the way.

2021 Climber

I really appreciate that you offer a true 3-day climb of Rainier. It made a big difference to me. It provided an additional day to acclimatize, a shorter approach to the summit, and an additional day of training on the mountain. It was an excellent trip from beginning to end.

2020 Climber

This expedition was a trip of a lifetime. From gear check, to the guides, snow school, and reaching the true summit of Rainier, this was an outstanding and unique experience. Alpine Ascents went above and beyond to foster new friendships, safety, and the small comforts that make a home away from home. Truly a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

2019 Climber

I am still in awe of this experience! This climb has exceeded my expectations and them some. My guides were my saviors on this trip. They were very encouraging and patient with us. I really feel like I made four new lifelong friends.

2019 Climber

The entire trip was spectacular. Reaching the summit was exhilarating but only a portion of the fun. From registration to final check-in, the Alpine Ascents team did a great job. I have used multiple guide services in the past but this team ranks at the top of the list.

2019 Climber

My second climb with Alpine Ascents, and it just keeps getting better. Quality of guides, program, culture, positivity, conversation, fun, food provided, information — just awesome.

2019 Climber

Mount Rainier | Taquoma — 3 Day Muir Climb BLOG

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