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April 15 Denali Prep: Wind, Wind, and More Wind!

Alpine Ascents Lead Guide Stuart Robertson just checked in from camp near Panorama Point.  It’s a blustery day and the team is working on rope team and fixed line travel this morning.   If the winds abate a little (right now it’s blowing 30-40 mph) at Camp Muir, the team will move up to Camp Muir on Friday.   Here’s hoping for a break in the wind!

3/25 Denali Prep: Working on Skills Today

AAI Guide Stuart Robertson just checked in from the Denali Prep course.   The weather is much approved from yesterday and the team took advantage of the milder conditions to practice fixed line travel and work on crevasse rescue skills.  If all goes according to plan, the team will move up to Camp Muir tomorrow (Friday) night and overnight at Muir.    Best of luck team!

3/25 Denali Prep: Snow for Days!

AAI Guides Devin Bishop and Stuart Robertson just called in from their camp at the base of Panorama Point on Rainier.   Winter is in full force on Rainer!   It snowed over 2 feet last night.  The team is currently braving periods of heavy snow and freezing rain while re-setting camp.  With all the fresh, heavy snow, the team is worried about their tent anchors freezing and becoming impossible to remove later.   Despite the challenging conditions, morale is high and everyone is staying warm and dry.   Hang in there team!

March 25 Denali Prep: Working on Skills in Winter Conditions

The March 25 Denali Prep checked in from their cozy camp at 6,200′ feet on Rainier.    Despite the chilly and damp conditions, everyone is doing well.   They are working on the basics of rope team travel and other essential skills for any budding mountaineer, especially those with their eyes set on Denali.   According to the weather forecast, the weather is about to take a slight turn for the more challenging today with high winds and heavy snow predicted.  They don’t call this a Denali Prep for nothing!

March 11 Denali Prep: Rain, Rain…and Rain

AAI Guide Dave Gottlieb just checked in from the base of Panorama Point on Mount Rainier.   Spirits are high despite the deluge.   The team is currently focused on staying warm and dry.  They are hoping for a weather window so they can move higher, above the rain clouds.   Stay tuned!

The overall trip was awesome. The staff from made me feel like a king. The food was delicious. The guides were awesome. Ellen was an awesome resource as preparing for the climb.


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