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1/5 Denali Prep: Snowy and Wet

Our January 5th Denali Prep on Mount Baker just arrived back at our offices after a very snowy and wet prep course.  From sled rigging to crevasse rescue, the course certainly covered a lot of material.   For some on this course, the next step is Denali later on this summer!

9/25 3-Day Climb: Summit Success!

AAI Lead Guide Stuart Robertson just checked in from Pebble Creek after a successful trip to the summit.  While the route wasn’t easy, the team made it to the top of Rainier.   It was also Craig Van Hoy’s 446 summit of Rainier, giving him the 3rd most summits of ALL TIME!   Congrats team and a big congratulations to Craig!

9/21 3-Day Muir: Turned by Weather and Route Conditions

Our 9/21 3-Day Muir Climb turned at the top of the Cleaver due to route conditions and deteriorating weather. Even though the team didn’t make it to the summit, they had a great climb regardless!

9/19 3-Day Muir Climb: Winter Continues!

Our 9/19 3-Day Muir climb didn’t make it past Camp Muir due to very wintery conditions on the mountain.  Unstable, wind-loaded snow halted their upward progress.  Even though they didn’t reach the summit, the team still had a great time and hiked up to Camp Muir in style.

9/17 3-Day Muir Climb: Snow, Snow, SNOW

Our 9/17 3-Day Muir climb was foiled by very wintery weather on Mount Rainier.  A dumping of snow coupled with moderate winds made for unstable snow conditions. While the climb didn’t make it past Camp Muir, they still had a great time working on skills and catching up on sleep and hot chocolate consumption.

I couldn’t have been happier with this climb. This was my first major summit and it was perfectly executed and the guides seemed to be an all-star team. The logistics were flawless, and it was awesome to have transportation to and from Seattle. From start to finish, the experience was one I will never forget and AAI will be my first recommendation to anyone getting into this sport.


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