Bobby Cosker

    Bobby Cosker

    Guide: Washington, Alaska

    A native of Connecticut, Bobby’s passion for the outdoors began at an early age snowboarding and climbing in the mountains of New England. In 2007, Bobby moved to Salt Lake City to finish college at the University of Utah and to explore more of the world class climbing that the west has to offer. Bobby has spent time in Alaska, Canada, and South America exploring his passion for the mountains. When not working in the mountains, he enjoys running, cooking, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

    Significant Ascents

    The Escalator, Mount Johnson, AK
    Mini Moonflower, AK
    West Ridge, Moose’s Tooth
    Bacon and Eggs, AK
    Kahiltna Queen, AK
    Goldfinger, The Stump, AK
    Jah Man, Honeymoon Chimney, Fine Jade, N. Face Castleton, Ancient Art, Link up, Moab, UT
    Fine Line & Direct Becky, Link up, Elephants Perch
    Shune’s Buttress, Zion UT
    Tricks of the Trade, Zion UT
    Desert Shield, Zion UT


    Wilderness First Responder / CPR
    Avalanche Level 1
    Leave No Trace Trainer


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