Mike Coyle

    Mike Coyle

    Guide: Washington, Alaska, International

    Mike began skiing and climbing after moving to Taos, New Mexico in 2000, but he first fell in love with the outdoors by spending time in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia as a kid. Skiing, climbing, canyoneering, and whitewater rafting has taken him all over the Western US., and has helped to define who he is today.  Mike went to college in Durango, Colorado and began mountain guiding after earning a BA, in Adventure Education from Fort Lewis College in 2013. He is currently living in Ridgway, Colorado; where he passes the time skiing, climbing, and taking his dog Yonder into the mountains.

    Mike loves spending time in the mountains because of the physical and mental challenges provided, the amazing people he gets to meet, and beautiful places he gets to visit. He is very passionate about teaching and sharing outdoor experiences with other people and he’s continually striving to become the best educator and guide that he can be.  The things that get him the most psyched are powder days, sticky ice, rock climbing in the sun, beautiful views, good food, and great company.


    Take 5 with the Guide

    If you could only take one album on an expedition?
    Uprising – Bob Marley

    Favorite Movie?
    Blades of Glory

    Most beloved book?
    The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

    What’s always in your snack bag?

    In another life, I’d…
    be a helicopter pilot

    Significant Ascents

    Denali, AK
    Mt. Rainier, WA
    Castletown Tower, Utah
    The Rectory, Utah
    Sister Superior, Utah
    Eagle Dance, Nevada
    Storm King Peak, CO (NE Ridge)
    Vestal Peak, CO
    Jagged Peak, CO
    Grand Teton, Upper Exum Ridge, WY
    Engineer Peak, CO (ski descent)
    Snowdon Peak, CO (ski descent)
    Sultan Peak, CO (ski descent)


    IFMGA Certified Guide
    Wilderness First Responder / CPR
    Avalanche Pro Level 2
    Avalanche Course Leader
    Leave No Trace Trainer

    ifmga ifmga-color

    All three guides were very patient and hands on, helping everyone in the team whether it was with new skills or refreshing exciting ones. There was plenty of practical learning/teaching before we ever left Talkeetna, not to mention on the mountain itself. Plus all three guides had great anecdotes!

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