Nate Opp

    Nate Opp

    Guide: Washington

    Nate is a full time mountain guide based out of Hamilton, MT. He enjoys all types of climbing especially technical rock spires and long snow climbs where skis are used on the descent. Originally from rural Northeast Washington, Nate is happy to be back in his native state.

    Take 5 with the Guide

    If you could only take one album on an expedition?
    The Wall – Pink Floyd

    Most beloved book?
    The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien

    Dream climbing partner for your dream climb?
    Kyler Pallister for Üç Muz up the East Face of Demirkazik

    If you could be stuck with anyone (past or present) at base camp for a week?
    Stuart Robertson

    One piece of advice for aspiring mountaineers?
    Learn how to rest.

    Significant Ascents

    Guiding Highlights:
    Denali, 9 summits
    West Ridge of Mt Hunter, Alaska
    Mt Russell, Alaska
    Grand Teton, 100+ summits
    Mt Vinson, 10 summits
    Ski traverse of Ellsworth Mtns. from Vinson base camp to Union Glacier, about 120 miles
    Mt Sidley (highest volcano in Antarctica)
    North Ridge of Grand Teton from Teton glacier
    East Face and East Ridge of Grand Teton
    California Ice (Beartooths), Moratorium and Sendero Iluminoso (Cody, WY)
    Epinephrine, Red Rocks (Nevada)
    Castleton Tower, Utah

    Personal Highlights:
    Wave Effect, first enchainment of Desmochada, La Silla, and Fitzroy in Argentine Patagonia
    North Pillar of Fitzroy, Red Pillar Mermoz, in Patagonia.
    Accidental speed ascent of the French Ridge on Mt Huntington in 2005.
    Greenwood/Locke on the North Face of Mt Temple and East Face Mt Babel, Canadian Rockies.
    Brer Rabbit on Cottontail Tower, Fisher Towers, Utah
    Onsight of Parmakaya, Taurus Mtns,Turkey
    Yosemite highlights: Crucifix, Powerpoint, single push on flight of the Albatross, Never Say Dog, The Golden Years, Astroman, Hotline, etc.
    Stoned Oven, Astrodog, Trilogy in Black Canyon of the Gunnison
    Romantic Warrior, Needles area of California
    Sands of Time, Calaveras Dome
    Rainbow Wall and Black Velvet Tongue, Red Rocks (Nevada)


    Avalanche Level 3


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