Rodrick Mtui

    Rodrick Mtui

    Lead Tanzanian Guide

    Rodrick is from the Chagga tribe and was born in Marangu Village on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, where he grew up in a family of 8 children. He is part of the prominent Mtuy clan, many of whom have worked on the mountain in the last 30 years.

    Rodrick has been working as a guide for over 15 years, with over 150 ascents of the mountain. He has worked with Alpine groups for over 10 years and is currently the lead Tanzanian guide for all Alpine Ascents trips alongside the Western guide. He is known for his excellent leadership skills, unending patience, and a great smile.

    Rodrick lives in Arusha with his wife Aggie, and his young son Genius. The family is currently expecting another child in 2018! They hope to move to a new location in Maji A Chai (water of tea) where they are working on building a new home- closer to Kilimanjaro.

    150+ ascents of Kilimanjaro by all routes
    11 years working with Alpine Ascents groups


    Wilderness First Responder / CPR

    An outstanding climb, safari and experience. I can not imagine a better trip!! Detailed information about the mountain and safari was tremendous. Accommodations far exceeded my expectations. Food was great!

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