Hello family and friends!
The team was treated to a marvelous view of Fitzroy, Cerro Torre and the other peaks during sunrise. It was such a spectacle of light and forms. It was quite moving! Then, we drove back to El Calafate and visited the impressive and beautiful Perito Moreno glacier. Everybody is doing well and fascinated by the beauty of Patagonia. Tomorrow we will travel to Torres del Paine National Park located in Chilean Patagonia.
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Hi everyone!
Today was a fantastic day! The weather cooperated so the team could enjoy a great hike to “De los Tres” Lake with marvelous views of the impressive and beautiful granite spires of Mount Fitz Roy, Poincenot and the other peaks of this massif. Big congrats to the team members on a great performance during the hike. Other highlights of the day were the Capri lake and the “Piedras Blancas” glacier and lake.
The team is back to our hotel in El Chalten. They feel fortunate to have experienced a wonderful day of hiking in beautiful Patagonia. Let the pictures speak for themselves.
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Patagonia Trek 2019 – Torre Lookout and First Views of Fitz Roy

Hi everyone!
Today we hiked to Torre Lookout following a pretty scenic trail. It was quite pleasant to walk among lenga trees. We could see the Fitz Roy river and the Margarita waterfall from one of the lookouts. Cerro Torre was in the clouds. While hiking back to El Chalten, we could see the impressive Cerro Pyramid coming into view. Later on in the evening, we went for a walk in town and could enjoy the first views of Fitz Roy during sunset. It was beautiful! The day ended at La Tapera restaurante with a delicious dinner. Tomorrow we will hike to Laguna de los Tres.
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2019 Patagonia Trek Gets Started!

Hello family and friends. The Alpine Ascents trekking group has arrived to Argentinian Patagonia. It is a team of five hikers who are eager to hit the trails in this beautiful part of South America: Jamie and Art, Jeannie and John and Pete. Yesterday, we traveled by private bus from El Calafate to El Chalten enjoying great views of Argentino (the biggest lake in Argentina) and Viedma lakes. In the afternoon we hiked to Los Condores and Eagles lookouts. We saw a condor, falcons, guanacos. Today, we are hiking towards Laguna Torre. We are all looking forward to enjoying the fantastic views of Patagonia.
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1. Argentino lake 2. Las Aguilas lookout. Viedma lake in the background



More photos from our inaugural Patagonia trip

Fitz Roy Massif Panoramic. Photo: Allen Wilson
Rainbow. Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Allen Wilson
Viedma Lake. Los Glaciares National Park. Photo: Allen Wilson
Fitz Roy Massif. Photo: Allen Wilson
Pumas. Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Allen Wilson
The Paine Horns. Photo: Allen Wilson
Pendant bridge. Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Mark Gregg
Sharing the traditional drink known as “mate”. Photo: Mark Gregg
Farewell dinner. Punta Arenas. Photo: Mark Gregg
Briefing at EcoCamp. Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Mark Gregg


As we expect from Alpine Ascents, the quality of the accommodations and guides was exceptional. Clearly Jose Luis is a very experienced expedition climbing guide. The local guides (Rodigo, Roberto, and Jonas) were all very knowledgeable about local fauna, flora and geology. They were great.


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