Ecuador Express summits Iliniza North

After acclimating at Iliniza Hut, the team climbed Iliniza North. We enjoyed breathtaking views from hut to summit, a nearly 1,400 ft change in elevation.

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We are ready to take on Cayambe, and will head there next.

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November 2023 Ecuador Express expedition begins!

Our team kicked off the trip with a tour of Quito, visiting two of the city’s most important churches. Next, we acclimatized with a beautiful climb up Pasochoa, an ancient volcano with views of Cotopaxi, Antizana, and Cayambe. Today the team hikes to Illiniza Hut, and plans to climb Illiniza North in the coming days. Wish us luck!

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Team No-Maintenance Summits Chimborazo!

Hello family and friends. Today at 7am everyone summited!
Let me tell you a bit more.
Yesterday we drove to Chimborazo National Park and hiked to the high camp at 5300m/17,490ft where we had an amazing sunset. Weather was perfect.
We started the climb at midnight and summited at 7am. After a hard and long descent in icy conditions we reached the high camp at 10am. After packing and having breakfast we walked about an hour to the parking lot where Victor was already waiting for us.
It was an amazing climb! perfect conditions, strong team. 100% success.

Perfect ending for a perfect trip.
Enjoy the photos and remember to check more in thins link

Team No-Maintenance Ready for the last climb.

Hello family and friends.

We are now resting at the city of Riobamba, close to the magnificent Chimborazo. After an amazing day hiking to the Whymer needles at 17,000 ft with awesome weather, we drove to Hacienda Abraspungo, to prepare for the summit attempt to Chimborazo.

In Cayambe, a storm front came in and didn’t even let us leave the refuge. Nonetheless we could practice some crevasse self rescue techniques and try some pulley systems in the warm Yanacocha refuge.

For tomorrow, the weather looks good. Let’s hope it keeps that way.

After the climb we will let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile enjoy some photos here or click this link to see more photos

You can also see the stories in my instagram account.

Team No-Maintenance. After Antisana, Cayambe up next.

Hello friends and family. We have been away in the mountains for 3 days. We attempted Antisana yesterday, but weather conditions were rough and the summit was no factible.
Nonetheless, these days in Antisana were amazing. Base camp is beautiful and the weather was pretty decent in the first days. First day we did a hike to the upper moraine. Warm sunny day! The second day we went for a glacier training course. We practiced our crampon skills, pretty much needed for the summit attempt. We also practiced a bit of ice climbing.

For the summit push, we started at midnight with clear-ish skies. Stars could be seen. But around 5am clouds came in and moisture and wind hit us making all our gear, clothes and ourselves covered in ice. We turned around at 18,000ft.

Today we are about to leave our hotel in Puembo and head to the north. Tonight we will stay at Yanachocha mountain refuge with internet available. So you will hear more from us.

Meanwhile here are some pics! And also you can see more just by hitting the link below.

I had such a wonderful time! Jose Luis is a beyond excellent guide — kind, so knowledgeable, very easy to get along with. The other guides were also amazing. All the accommodations were wonderful. The trip was extremely well laid out.

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