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The Climbing Season in Ecuador ends with the team doing their best on Chimborazo!

Hello family and friends!
The winter climbing season in Ecuador has come to an end. It has been a very successful one overall. Our last team braved the weather on Cayambe getting up to 16.500 feet. It was going strong on Antisana untill an unsafe snowpack forced them to turn around at 17.100 feet. Team members got new altitude records on Chimborazo (18.100 and 19.100 feet) and Kate took the team’s flag to the main summit (20.702 feet). Congratulations to them all.
Keep climbing!!!
The Whymper summit as seen from the Veintimilla summit. Chimborazo..jpg
The Whymper summit as seen from the Veintimilla summit. Chimborazo.
Kate on the Whymper summit. Chimborazo.jpg
Kate on the Whymper summit. Chimborazo
Kate and Manuel arriving to the Veintimilla summit. Chimborazo..jpg
Kate and Manuel arriving to the Veintimilla summit. Chimborazo.
The shadow of Chimborazo at sunrise.jpg
The shadow of Chimborazo at sunrise
Kate and Manuel descending from the Chimborazo summit.jpg
Kate and Manuel descending from the Chimborazo summit
At about 18.000 feet on the descend. Chimborazo..jpg
At about 18.000 feet on the descend. Chimborazo.
Kate on the rocky step
Descending the rocky step. Chimborazo.

Team checks in from Antisana

The Team Attempted Cayambe and Today is Moving to Antisana ABC for Their Summit Climb

Good morning everyone! The team braved the weather and made an attempt on Cayambe getting up to 16.500 feet where they decided to turn around due to high winds (50 mph) and freezing rain. Anyway, spirits are high and they are looking forward to do their best on Antisana tonight. The weather has improved so the team is optimistic. They are all doing well and feeling strong.
Sending our best to family and friends.
More soon!

The Last Team of the Climbing Season in Ecuador Acclimates in Beautiful Weather

Kate, Shane, Bobby and Erik are acclimating in the Ecuadorian Andes. They have been enjoying clear skies and magnificent views. Yesterday, they summited Ruco Pichincha (15,400ft) in what was probably the most spectacular day of the current climbing season in the beautiful Andean country. They could admire all the mountains around including Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Antisana and Cayambe. They could even see Cumbal volcano which is located in Colombia close to the Ecuadorian border.
Today the team hiked up to Parcacocha lake (13,350ft) as part of their acclimatization schedule. They are currently enjoying the Papallacta hot springs in the Ecuadorian cloud forest (10,800ft).
They are all doing well and send their best to family and friends.
More soon! Stay tuned.
20170123_123824_resized (1).jpg
The team on top of Ruco Pichincha peak with Cotopaxi volcano in the background
2017-01-24 18.46.42_resized.jpg
Kate and the hummingbird
The team hiking on Ruco Pichincha. The capital city of Quito and Cotopaxi volcano in the back
The team during a break
Parcacocha Lake
Antisana volcano from the high ridges surrounding Papallacta

La Vaca Voladora Team. Expedition Recap.

The team has departed Ecuador after enjoying a good time in Ecuador. They made it to the summit of Cayambe and Antizana. A heavy fall of snow prevented them from attempting Chimborazo. We want to congratulate all team members again and we hope to see you again in the mountains in the not too distant future. We will miss you guys!
Keep climbing!!!
PS._ They also learned and mastered an Ecuadorian card game called “Cuarenta” which means “Forty”. Enjoy a few more pictures from this expedition!
Sarah and Jose on Antisana
Sarah and Jose descending back to the saddle after summiting Antisana
Descending from the Antisana Summit
Chimborazo from the Stubel Camp after a heavy snow fall

Besides Colorado 14ers, I have only climbed twice, with Alpine Ascents in Chamonix and again in Ecuador. Both trips were excellent. Ecuador guides were really great. Safety awareness was always evident.


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