Hello family and friends! Team members Quimbo (AKA Oscar), Poncho (AKA Jack) and Coto (AKA Shane) decided to mount a second summit attempt on Cotopaxi. As you remember, they were hammered by the elements on their first unsuccessful summit bid a couple of days ago. They started the climb at midnight from the parking land in a starry night. It was calm. There was a huge difference with the fierce winds that they have to battle when they first tried to summit the second highest mountain in Ecuador. They felt acclimated and 110%. Ready for the task. They moved efficiently and smoothly up the mountain. Put crampons on, roped up and set foot on the glacier (which had been their nemesis before). They started to overcome other rope teams that they found on the mountain and which had started the climb before them ( it was not a competition of course). The Team Despacito members later said that the route was very aesthetic and pretty varied, with traverses, switch backs, short steep sections and crevasse crossings. The snow conditions and weather were superb. The sunrise was spectacular. They could see the shadow of the volcano to the west. Everything marched as planned and after seven hours of climbing Team Despacito reached the summit. It was an exhilariting and very special moment for Oscar, Jack and Shane. Something that they said will remember for the rest of their lives. It was a great reward for their hard work. After taking some pictures at the summit and enjoying the views from up there, the team descended safely and swiftly to the valley. They had a celebratory farewell dinner in Quito and will soon be taking their flights back home but for Quimbo who will stay a few more days in the Ecuadorian capital visiting family and friends. They want to thank you for all your support and for following their climb. Big congrats again Team Despacito!!! Climb on!











After a determined start team Despacito was forced to turn back after a storm pushed through the Andes on Wednesday morning. The team had awoke to lighter winds at the Tambopaxi lodge, and after ‘breakfast’ made their way to the base to start the attempt based on a good forecast. Immediately after reaching the parking lot they knew were in for a long night with the team having to start the initial approach to the refuge battling 30-40mph winds. Strong precipitation, along with freezing conditions, started to take its toll on the climbing gear but the team battled on and by the time they reached the third stop the team was hoping that Cotopaxi / ‘Mamacita’ would relinquish and give them a gap in the storm and allow them to pass. Along with Ecuador’s ‘secret weapon’ (Nicolas Miranda) the team continued to push and as other climbing teams turned back the team struggled on wanting to see if things would ease at higher altitudes. Ultimately the storm proved too dangerous and team made the decision to turn back. After a tricky a decent, in worsening conditions, the team arrived back to lodge. With equal disappointment AND excitement having experienced a great mountaineering test. The team remains in good spirits and will move on to Chimborazo to assess the summit bid later this week.



Fueled by “quimbolitos” (the Ecuadorian sweet corn cake), the team climbed to 17,000 feet given them a taste of what Cotopaxi has in store for them. Mountaineering skills were reviewed, confidence was built and the Team Despacito continued to acclimatize. Following that the team returned to the Tambopaxi lodge to enjoy a well deserved hot meal with views of the mountain in front of them. They say thank you to their family and friends for checking in. Quimbo, Coto and Poncho signing out for now. More soon!

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Hi everyone! Taking advantage of a spectacular morning in the Andes of Ecuador, team members: Jack (A.K.A. Poncho) Oscar (A.K.A. Quimbo) and Shane (A.K.A. Coto) summited Pichincha volcano (15,413 feet) today. By doing so, they all set up a new personal altitude record!!! Big congrats Team Despacito!!! By the way, “Despacito” means “Slowly” in Spanish. The team celebrated by having delicious hamburgers at Chios Restaurant back in Quito. They are all doing well and happy to have enjoyed a fantastic view of the Ecuadorian mountains this morning (including Cotopaxi). They say “hi” to family and friends! Thanks for following! More soon!








Team “Despacito” Gets Started!

Hello family and friends! Jack, Oscar and Shane have arrived to the highlands of Ecuador. They are “Team Despacito”. Today, they hiked to the summit of an old volcanoe called Pasochoa 4,190 m/13,746 ft to start their acclimation proccess. They are going to try toclimb Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. Wishing them a great time in Ecuador!!! Best to you all





The entire expedition was really awesome very much because of the respect, trust and leadership of Jose Luis and his team management. He is one of the finest guides I have the pleasure to work with over my climbing adventures. Huge thank you!


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