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David attempts Antisana. Off to Chimborazo now!

Hello family and friends. David is doing well and feeling well acclimated before his summit attempt on the highest mountain in Ecuador: Chimborazo.
The team was forced to turn around by high winds on Antisana. Anyway, they fought the strongs gusts of wind up to 16,600 feet on the fourth highest mountain in the country.
They are feeling optimistic for their summit bid on Chimborazo which will start today at midnight.
David sends his best to family and friends.
Stay tuned

Lenticular clouds on Antisana



David Summits Cayambe!

Hola family and friends. David summited Cayambe (the third highest mountain in Ecuador at 5,789 m /18,993 ft) in fantastic weather. It took us seven hours of steady climbing to get to the top of this big volcano from where we could see Chimborazo, Antisana, Cotopaxi and Reventador which is currently the most active volcano in the country and located in the Amazon Rain Forest. Yes, we saw the jungle as well and a sea of clouds over the coastland. An unforgetable 360 degree view. A well deserved reward for David’s hard and efficient work on summit day (and night). The acclimatization schedule worked very well again.

We are resting and recovering at beautiful and cozy Hacienda Pinsaqui before heading to our next objective: Antisana.
All the best from Ecuador!

David on top of Cayambe
David and the view to the west from the summit
Reventador volcano erupting
The view to the south-east



Davis Reviews Skills on Cayambe

Hello family and friends. We hope all is well. Today we hiked up to the toe to review skills. The weather was fantastic. We could see Antisana and Cotopaxi among other lesser peaks. We could even spot three condors (the national bird of Ecuador) nicely riding the wind currents above us. David practiced self rescue in the hut and then we descended to our basecamp. Don Joselito, our very skilled driver showed us how he earned his nickname “The Demon” on the bumpy Cayambe road. Manolo fed us a nice meal for dinner and now we are looking forward to a good night of rest before our summit attempt tomorrow night.

Good night everyone. Send positive thoughts our way.

David enjoys views of Antisana and the Papallacta Lakes

Hello family and friends. We hope everyone is doing alright. We woke up early this morning to fantastic views of Antisana (the fourth highest mountain in Ecuador) and the high ridges surrounding our hot springs resort. We took a second acclimatization hike up to 13.100 feet with great views of the Papallacta lakes. David is doing great and adapting well to the altitude. He is currently visiting the SPA and enjoying a massage. Life is tough in the Ecuadorian Andes 🙂
Tomorrow, we will move to the Cayambe basecamp.
More soon! Stay tuned!
Our best to you all
Panoramic view of Antisana and the Anteojos Lake
David hiking in the Andean grasslands
David with Antisana in the background
David photographing an Andean fox
The Andean fox


David climbing in Ecuador before traveling south to Aconcagua

Wishing a happy International Mountain Day to all! David celebrated by getting to the summit of Ruco Pichincha! (15,413 feet) He is in great shape and highly motivated to try to climb seven mountains in the Ecuadorian, Chilean and Argentinian Andes in seven weeks. Pichincha was the first! It was a very auspicious start to his climbing adventure.
Yesterday, David visited “the Middle of the World” and the beautiful Colonial District of the Ecuadorian Capital City: Quito.
He sends his best to family and friends.
Please follow his adventures!

David on top of Ruco Pichincha
David enjoying a banana split in Quito
The Saint Francis Convent
David in the Middle of the World

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