Back to Kathmandu

Hello Everyone, We have made it back to Kathmandu safely and have finished up a successful expedition. We had a great celebration last night and a round of golf today to wrap up. Thanks for following us along on the great journey to the top of the 8th highest mountain in the World! Until next year...
Ben Jones

Back to Basecamp

Hello Everyone, We have made it safely back to Basecamp from the summit and are excited for our successful expedition! We took showers, relaxed, played cards, and celebrated with our entire team this evening. If the weather is good we will fly to Kathmandu tomorrow morning! Thanks for following along,
Ben Jones

Team summits Manaslu!

100% success on Manaslu!!! We are all safely back down to Camp 2, having some dinner and well deserved rest! Tomorrow we descend to BC where I can send some pics!

inReach message from Ben Jones

100% success on Manaslu!!!

inReach message from Ben Jones

We are on the summit, with no wind and beautiful views!!! Perfect day for a summit. Now we are starting the descent back to C4,C3, and C2 for the night!

I was very satisfied with the amount that I learned during the course and feel that I had enough time/opportunity to practice newly learned skills. I feel confident in my ability to make smart decisions to avoid a rescue situation, but also feel confident that should I find myself in a rescue situation I now know what to do.


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