Heading up for summit attempt

Hello Everyone,

The weather is looking pretty good several days out so we will be heading up to Camp 1 tomorrow after breakfast. If all goes well, and the weather continues to look good we will continue to all of the camps (2,3,4), before heading to the summit. A lot less snow and rain is predicted but with that usually comes wind, so we might have a little wind on the summit day, but should be a manageable amount. The team is ready after several rest days here at Basecamp. I will be calling in to report our progress up the mountain!

Thanks for following along,

Ben Jones

Clear skies at BC!!

Hello Everyone,

We woke to the first clear blue skies at Manaslu Basecamp this morning with incredible views all around. Not sure how long it will last but we are enjoying the views while we have them! For now we will just be resting at BC waiting for the 3 ft of snow above to settle before heading up towards the summit. There will be a lot of work to break trail above Camp 3 to the summit and so all the teams here will need to work together to get to the summit. Our team is doing great and looking forward to the opportunity for a chance to climb to the summit, hopefully soon-ish…

I’ll continue to keep you updated.

Ben Jones

Back to Basecamp

Hello Everyone,

We have arrived back down to Basecamp and have completed our second rotation. We spent 3 nights on the mountain, one at Camp 1, and two at Camp 2. We also climbed to Camp 3 getting to a new high point of the trip at 21,900ft and everyone did well.

We are going to be resting at Basecamp and planning our final rotation up the mountain to the summit in the coming days. From the looks of the forecast we might see the sun again in a couple days!

Thanks for following along,

Ben Jones

Team ascends to camp 3 and begins descent to basecamp

Hi everyone, Ben here from camp 2 on Manaslu. Today we were able to climb up to camp 3 at 21,900 ft! Took us about 3 hours to get up there with the team, everyone did excellent getting up there. We woke up this morning to some sunshine and had really nice weather throughout the whole day today. Everybody is doing well, we are going to head back tomorrow morning towards basecamp to complete our second rotation! We’ll be watching the weather the next several days, resting up and planning for our summit attempt. Everybody is doing well here!

Team heads towards camp 3 (high point) on 2nd rotation

The guides are first rate. Jose Luis, Renee, Javier and Pepe all had strong mountain skills and good people skills, the combination I feel makes for a great climbing trip. I can not say enough about Jose Luis!


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