The Ascenders Reunite & Celebrate in KTM

Namaste Friends, Family & Loved Ones, Greetings from Kathmandu, where the entire Team has reunited. We had a pretty chill day— some of us visited a local boarding school, where we met up with some of the kids sponsored by the Alpine Ascents Foundation. Four of the girls were first sponsored through the Foundation beginning about 8 years ago —Carole first met them when they were 4, 5 and 6 years old, so it was amazing and fun to see how they’ve grown up.
In addition to the school visit, we did some shopping, some eating and for the virtuous among us, a bit of working out in the hotel gym. Tonight we gathered for a Celebration Dinner. Fun was had by all.
Late tonight, Team members will start to fly back home. We’ve had a great time together and a successful expedition. Thanks following along with us! So long for now, Carole & Vern Tejas

Reascenders pop over to Lukla

Namaste friends, family and loved ones,

An early morning snow squall made us rethink our plans to cross the pass. Our decision took into account our porters safety as well as our own. There is a precipitous staircase of carved rock on the descent that when covered with ice is particularly treacherous. Discretion being the better part of valor we chose to avoid the pass and took a short chopper flight to Lukla. This not only limited our risk it also will allow is to catch up with the rest of the team for a celebration dinner tomorrow night. Yippee!

All my best,

Vern Tejas

Repeat Descenders Fly to Kathmandu

Friends, family & loved ones,

Just a quick note to let you know that the Repeat Descenders successfully made it back to Kathmandu this morning. Cloudy, windy weather shut down flights for awhile, but conditions eventually improved and our plane took off. We’re very happy to rejoin our Kathmandu contingent and, of course, to shower, change clothes and complete our reentry back into “civilization “.

Thanks for following,

Carole Tejas

Repeat Descenders Celebrate in Lukla

Namaste friends, family & loved ones,

The Team had a long but very satisfying last day of hiking today. This morning, we climbed just over 1500 feet to cross the Zatrwa La Pass and then began our 5500 foot descent to Lukla.

We had the trails all to ourselves and enjoyed some peace and quiet as well as some good conversation among the team.

We did a bit of everything: boulder hopping, stream and bridge crossings, steep stone steps and navigating a bit of snow and ice.

It kept us all engaged and before we knew it we were walking into our teahouse in Lukla.

We’re all very glad to be here but also feel a bit sad that our time in these very special mountains has ended— at least for the moment! Thanks for following our expedition. We’ll check in tomorrow when we reach Kathmandu.

Carole Tejas

Reascenders are descenders

Namaste friends, family and loved ones,

Grayson, Art and I ate a leisurely breakfast waiting for the sun to warm the trail. Once underway we chose to dog the pace as we were still a bit tuckered out from yesterday’s push. We still were able to get to the little mountain village or Khote to soak our feet in a hot saltwater bath. Very soothing! In the morning we will trek down valley for a few hours and then climb up towards the pass on the way to Lukla. Come along!

All my best,

Vern Tejas

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