Mongolia 2019 – Eventful Journey from Olgii to the Mountain

Mongolia 2019 – Delays & Reroutes

2019 Mongolia Expedition Begins – Team Explores Ulaanbataar

Hi everyone,

Our last climber arrived very early this morning in good spirits. We spent the day trying to get over our jet lag and explore the city. We spent time at both the National Museum and the Winter Palace of the Bogod Khan. The afternoon was spent at the folk theatre enjoying traditional music and dance. Tomorrow we will be flying to Bayan Olgii, the starting point of our journey to the Altai range.

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

Brian Houle

Final Day in Mongolia

Hi Everyone,

Our team spent one last day exploring Ulaanbataar. We were able to visit the largest statue of Genghis Khan in the world today, climb Zaisan Hill, and have our last team meal. Tomorrow folks start flying back home.

Overall it was a great trip with many memorable moments. We were able to accomplish our goal of climbing Mount Khuiten, as well as explore the local culture and customs. Wishing everyone safe travels and hope to see them all again in the future!


Brian Houle

Mongolia Team back in Ulaanbataar!

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we arrived to Olgii and explored the town a bit before dinner. We were treated to a local performance  of a Kazakh pop group with explanations of the songs by my aunt-in-law Jennifer Post, whom has been studying local music here for over 15 years. A few shots of vodka later and we were all ready for bed.

This morning we said good bye to our local guides Baku and Kada before flying to Ulaanbataar. Everyone is happy to have a hot shower and the opportunity to connect with family and friends. Overall the trip has been a great success! We still have one more free day here in the city before folks start flying home. Below are a few photos from our climb.


Brian Houle


The trip was excellent! In addition to the excellent pre-trip communications from Alpine Ascents and the superb leadership of Brian Houle, the in-country logistical support and guides were terrific.


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