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Mongolia Team is back in Ulaanbaatar, wrapping up trip

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday morning we left Olgii on a 3 hour flight back to UB. We arrived in the afternoon, checked into our hotel downtown and then had our celebratory dinner last night at my favorite restaurant “Silk Road”. Today is the final day of the trip and most of Team Airdrop will be heading back home soon. Another great trip in Mongolia! Thanks for following along and come join us next year on this unique adventure in Mongolia!

Ben Jones

Mongolia Team’s Eagle Hunter visit

Hello Everyone,

Today after breakfast and another visit this morning with our local family friends we headed on down the road to the village of Sagsai where we visited an accomplished horseman and eagle hunter. This is one of the highlights of this unique trip. Not only do we get to hike and climb but the cultural experiences and interacting with the locals is one of my favorite parts of the trip. This young man let is into his home and also showed us his Eagle’s and incredible skills as a horseman. It was a great afternoon with more photos to come!

After that, we drove another hour to Olgii, where we got settled into our Ger camp for the evening, complete with Wifi, and of course Showers! We did some shopping in Olgii and also visited the local museum before heading back to the Ger camp to have our last dinner with some of our local staff. We are off to bed now and getting up early for a morning flight back to UB. Thanks for following along,

Ben Jones

Mongolia Team Airdrop back to Olgii….

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a fun couple of days here in Mongolia. After our success on the highest peak in Mongolia we packed up Basecamp and rode horses out of the beautiful Altai mountains. At the National Park gate we had lunch received our gear from the hardworking camels and headed down the dusty road towards Olgii. We drove about 4 hours before arriving at a small village where we would camp in a green pasture for the night surrounded by horses, goats, and sheep. Next to our camp was a local family that we got to spend some time with and graciously invited us in to their Ger for Mare’s milk and cheese. It is always a great experience to spend time with the locals and to learn how they live.

After a long day and another great dinner we headed off to bed in anticipation for the next day ahead, and our last few days in Mongolia!

Thanks for following along,

Ben Jones

Mongolia Team is back down at Base Camp after summiting

Mongolia Team Reaches the Summit of Mount Khuiten with 100% Success!

The ground support was excellent in the areas of travel, timing, events. My individual goals were met and exceeded, My guide was extremely patient and he is a superb teacher, I feel lucky to have had him as a guide. Our Mongolian liaison was outstanding.


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