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Mont Blanc Expedition Itinerary

Day 1

Depart USA evening, fly to Geneva, Switzerland.

Day 2

Arrive in Geneva and take shuttle to Chamonix. Spend night in Hotel de L’Arve, Chamonix. Meet at 7pm in hotel lobby for group dinner.

  • Altitude: Chamonix: 1035m/3,395 ft.
  • Travel time climbing: No climbing today, climbers should plan on the shuttle bus from Geneva airport to Chamonix taking around 45 minutes.

Day 3

Meet at 7:30am for breakfast and orientation, followed by a check of our equipment. Afterwards we go into downtown Chamonix and pick up any last minute items along with lunch to go. We then head up to Le Tour and ride two lifts to access the trail. After about 2 hours of hiking we arrive at the Albert Premier Hut 2700m/8,8864 ft. In the afternoon we go over our snow school skills. Climbers will learn fundamentals of moving safely/efficiently on snow and ice slopes with crampons on. We will practice movement skills on rocky terrain with and withour crampons on. Lodging will be in the Albert Premier hut.

  • Altitude: Chamonix: 1035m/3,395 ft.
  • Le tour ski lift: 2200m/7,217 ft.
  • Albert 1er hut: 2702/8,864 ft.
  • Vertical gain during the day: 1666m/5,469 ft.
  • Vertical gain climbing: 502m/1,647 ft.
  • Travel time climbing: 2- 2.5 hrs to get to the hut walking on a trail. Skills will take place in afternoon behind hut (3 hours).

Day 4

After breakfast at the hut we continue our skills of knots, rope systems and glacier travel on the Le Tour Glacier. Upon completion of skills we attempt to summit Petite Fourche 3410m/11,516 ft. From the summit of Petite Fourche we will descend down across the Trient Plateau into Switzerland. We will be spending the night at the majestic Trient Hut (3170m/10,400 ft.) in Switzerland.

  • Altitude: Albert 1er hut: 2702/8,864 ft.
  • Petite Fourche: 3410m/11,516 ft.
  • Trient Hut: 3170m/10,400 ft.
  • Vertical gain during the day: 850m/2,789 ft.
  • Vertical gain climbing: 850m/2,789 ft.
  • Travel time climbing: 6-7hrs of climbing on mixed terrain of glaciers, snow, rock and ice.

Day 5

Waking up, we have breakfast and leave the hut shortly after. We will traverse across the Trient Glacier making our way up towards Aiguille du Tour. We will make a summit attempt of Aiguille du Tour (3540m). Afterwards, we will walk back down the Le Tour Glacier and making our way to the Albert Premier Hut. Coffee and tarts will be eaten at the hut before descending back into the Chamonix valley retracing our steeps and riding the lifts down to town. We spend this night at Hotel de L’Arve in Chamonix. In the evening we will go over what equipment we will need for the summit portion of our climb of Mont Blanc.

  • Altitude: Trient Hut: 3170m/10,400 ft.
  • Aiguille du Tour: 3542m/11,621 ft.
  • Le tour ski lift: 2200m/7,217 ft.
  • Chamonix: 1035m/3,395 ft.
  • Vertical gain during the day: 530m/1,738 ft.
  • Vertical gain climbing: 530m/1,738 ft.
  • Travel time climbing: 6-7hrs of climbing on mixed terrain of glaciers, snow, rock and ice while climbing Aig d’ Tour.

Day 6

Before leaving the Hotel L’Arve we will do a gear check. We will ride the Bellevue Telepherique from Les Houches, once at the top of the tram we board the tramway Mont Blanc to the Nid D’Aigle (2370m/7,775 ft.) From there we follow a main path on scree, which divides the Glacier de la Griaz from the Glacier de Tete Rousse. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach the Tete Rousse Hut (3187m/10,456 ft.) This evening we sleep at the Tete Rousse Hut.

  • Altitude: Chamonix: 1035m/3,395 ft.
  • Top of Tramway du Mont Blanc: 2370m/7,775 ft.
  • Tete Rousse Hut: 3187m/ 10,456 ft.
  • Vertical gain during the day: 2152m/7,065 ft.
  • Vertical gain climbing: 817m/2,681 ft.
  • Travel time climbing: 2-2.5 hours of walking to the hut on a trail.

Day 7

Breakfast and leave the hut for an alpine start to make our ascent up Mont Blanc. From the hut we find ourselves ascending the Grand Couloir which is approx. 600m. The upper part of the Couloir can be melted out involving some moderate and steep scrambling over rocks. From the top of the Grand Couloir we make our way to the Gouter Hut (3817m/12,522 ft.) We can take a long break inside the Gouter Hut. From the hut we travel on glaciated terrain along a beautiful ridgeline towards the summit (4808m/15,775 ft.) We aim to be on the summit around early to mid morning. Enjoying the views from the summit of the highest peak in Western Europe here we take a break and enjoy the scenery. We then retrace our route back to the hut and then stay at Tete Rousse Hut (3187m/ 10,456 ft.) that evening.

  • Altitude: Tete Rousse Hut: 3187m/ 10,456 ft.
  • Gouter Hut: 3817m/12,522 ft.
  • Mont Blanc Summit: 4808m/15,775 ft.
  • Vertical gain during the day: 1621m/5,319 ft.
  • Vertical gain climbing: 1621m/5,319 ft.
  • Travel time climbing: Typical time to reach the summit is between 6 – 7 hours from the Tete Rousse. Descent time is around 4- 4.5 hours back to the Tete Rousse hut. Total climbing time 10-12 hours round-trip.

Day 8

Descend back down the trail to the Mont Blanc Tramway retracing our steps back to the valley. Dinner is in town that evening. If the weather and conditions are unsafe on day seven not allowing us to make a summit attempt, we try to make a summit attempt on day 8, if weather and conditions permit, and descend the same day. Spend night in Chamonix at Hotel de L’Arve.

  • Altitude: Tete Rousse Hut: 3187m/ 10,456 ft.
  • Top of Tramway du Mont Blanc: 2370m/7,775 ft.
  • Chamonix: 1035m/3,395 ft.
  • Vertical gain during the day:
  • Vertical gain climbing:
  • Travel time climbing: 1.5 hours to descend back on the trail to the Tramway du Mont Blanc.

Day 9

Shuttle back to Geneva and fly home.

*Guides might change the Itinerary due to safety, weather and climbing conditions on Mont Blanc. While the Gouter hut is excellent it is often difficult for large groups and this is why we use the Tete Rousse.

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You have an outstanding staff / contacts in France and Switzerland. Jonathan Spitzer is energetic and personable. I sensed everyone was at ease with him within minutes of meeting. Jonathan’s choice of supporting guides was excellent. They were equally personable.

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