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Team Savage Uno Hikes to Plaza Francia

Hi friends and family!

Today we hiked to the overlook of the south face of Aconcagua, a wall of rock and ice nearly 9,000 feet tall and one of the world’s great mountaineering faces. We enjoyed spectacular weather and a cloud free view. The entire team looked and felt strong and returned to Confluencia with enough energy for another ferocious game of Uno. Our team name has been chosen in homage to the increasingly savage nature of our rounds of Uno and in representation of our place as the first Aconcagua team of the season.

Tomorrow we make the long hike up the Horcones Valley to Plaza de Mulas and establish ourselves in our base camp.

Aconcagua Team #1: Arrives in Confluencia

Hi everyone! Today we entered the park and hiked to Confluencia, where we will spend two nights. Confluencia sits at the confluence of two rivers. Tomorrow we will follow the course of one river up to an overlook of the south face of Aconcagua and the day after tomorrow we will hike up the second and longer river valley to Plaza de Mulas. We spent the afternoon hydrating, resting, and beginning the process of learning the art of building rock castles to secure our tents against the wind. We are enjoying finally hiking in the park and focusing on the journey after all of the pre-trip preparation and logistics. We promise that a team name is coming very soon… Saludos on behalf of the team!

Team Fantasma back in Mexico City

Hey Everyone,

This is team Fantasma. The group made it back safely to Mexico City enjoyed a final dinner together. The team has split, some are sticking around Mexico and some depart the country today. Thank you for following along on our trip. We stood on summits, experienced culture and best of all made great friendships!

Aconcagua Season Begins!

Hi family and friends, We are excited to be the first Alpine Ascents team embarking on an Aconcagua expedition this season. Yesterday afternoon we met to check through our gear preparations and then shared an evening meal together. The food in Mendoza is amazingly delicious and we packed away hearty portions of steak, empanadas, local cheeses and cured meats. Today we are on our way to the mountains and will spent the night just outside of the park entrance tonight. Saludos!

Team Fantasma from the summit of Pico De Orizaba!

Hey everyone this is Team Fantasta from the summit of Pico De Orizaba! 18,492 feet! Here’s some words from the team!

Team Fantasma Arrives at Pico De Orizaba Base camp

Hey everyone this is Connor with Team Fantasma, calling to give you an update. We jumped in some 4 x 4 jeeps and travels for about a hour and a half on a dirt road up to our base camp for Pico De Orizaba. We’re now tucking in for midnight start! Today we hung out in our dining tents and play dice and enjoyed each other’s company. We went for a little hike and it started hailing and raining which was interesting little bit of thunderstorms but weather looks clear for the morning so cross our fingers and thanks for staying tuned.

Team Fantasma heads toward Pico De Orizaba

Hey everyone this is Connor with Team Fantasma. The team is all tucked into bed for tonight and we’re near the base of our next objective Pico De Orizaba. We had a great day today went and visited the Museum of architecture in Puebla and then loaded up our vans with all our gear, drove out to this lodge, picked up some more supplies and now we’re staying in the lodge tonight. Tomorrow morning we’re getting up early jumping in a 4 x 4 Jeep and driving to the base of our mountain. So we’ll keep you updated on how that goes thanks for following along!

Team Fantasma in Puebla

Hey everyone this is Connor with Team Fantasma. We had an awesome day today touring the city of Puebla, we got to see some beautiful cathedrals and churches. We went to check out the world’s tallest pyramid! It was an awesome day resting and getting ready to head towards our next objective Pico De Orizaba. We plan on leaving in the morning, staying in a lodge tomorrow night, and heading towards our final peak! Spirits are high- hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we’re all wishing you many thanks from down here in Mexico! Thanks for following along.

Team Fantasma summits Iztaccihuatl!

This is Team Fantasma calling in from the summit of Izta! We’re all up here having a good time, just playing a game of dice on the summit! We’re up here at 17,000 feet! Everyone is doing great, we’ll check in tomorrow! Thanks for following along.

Team Fantasma Hikes to a waterfall

Hey everyone this is Connor with Team Fantasma. We had a nice day today, went on a hike to a waterfall to further our acclimatization. Had a great breakfast and dinner today. The weather is looking really good, we’ve had blue skies all day, we can see the volcano Pop shooting out some smoke which is really beautiful as the sun is setting here. We’ll be waking up really early tomorrow to go for the summit! Thanks for staying tuned and we’ll touch base tomorrow!


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