Denali Cybercasts

Pineapple Express caches at 16,000 ft

Legs Miserables return to base camp

Pirates of the Carabiners get practice on the fixed lines

Glacier Donkeys make Pizza at 11,000 ft

Illimani Photos and Final Post from the Bolivian Bullfighters

Hi friends and family, Our tour of peaks in Bolivia has come to a close and all of the climbers are on their way back to the US or are heading out soon. But now that we are back to internet service, I’m able to send you a few photos from our Illimani climb. My apologies for all of the static and fading audios with the sat phone updates from the Illimani portion of our climb. Sometimes the sat phone just refuses to grab on to a steady signal!

Mitosis are Cold return to Talkeetna!

Cretaceous Wrangalians from Mumuland camp below Motorcycle Hill

Pineapple Express rests at 14 camp

Pirates of the Carabiners rest at 14 camp

Glacier Donkeys send a brief check in

This cybercast is very difficult to hear, we look forward to another update from the team soon!

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