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Team prepares to climb

The Volcanoes of Mexico team is enjoying good weather as they prepare to climb. The team is now resting from today’s acclimatization hike. Everyone is in good health, and the group is doing well and feeling strong. Stay tuned for more updates!

Greetings from Mexico City

Hi, this is Stuart checking in for Alpine Ascents Mexico Volcanoes trip, the last of 4 trips this season. I am pleased to report all the climbers on the team have arrived here safely today and yesterday with all their bags.

This afternoon we all met up in our hotel, in Roma in the heart of Mexico City for a quick gear check, orientation and Team introductions. We then went out a few blocks away to a great little Mexican Restaurant I stumbled upon last night. The food I thought was excellent.

Everybody is doing well, some a little tired from the travel, but looking forward to the trip ahead. It’s a nice cool, overcast fall evening here in Mexico City. We had a little rain in the afternoon which seemed to clear up the mugginess. Tomorrow, after a quick visit to the National Museum of Anthropology and the The Zócalo which is the main square in the heart of the historic center of Mexico City, we will leave the city and head east to the mountains. En route we will stop off at Tlaxcala for lunch and to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables, bottled water, and some other last minute purchases.

Our first objective is La Malinche, a dormant volcano which is the nation's 6th highest peak. Sometime in the 17th century, the volcano took on its current moniker, La Malinche, after one of Mexican history’s most controversial figures. Born around the year 1500, La Malinche was a native Nahua woman who was sold as a slave to Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. She would go on to serve as his translator and advisor, and Cortés would also choose her as his consort. Fluent in Nahuatl, Chontal Maya and eventually Spanish, La Malinche played a pivotal role in the conquest of Mexico. Officially, its summit reaches 4,461 metres (14,636 ft) above sea level

I am greatly looking forward to piecing together a successful expedition, success not solely based on whether we summit or not, but having a safe, fun time down here. I will try and cybercast each day but no news is always good news and no need to worry, your family and friends are in good hands. Again, all is well here and thanks for tuning in.

Here's a photo from our welcome dinner in Condesa.

Timmerman Traverse for Damon Runyon wraps up Kilimanjaro

Hi everyone, We all reached Arusha yesterday for showers, and celebration. Today many of the team are off on safari, with family or traveling home. A huge congratulations to everyone on the team for reaching their goals: Raising over $1 million dollars to fund cutting edge cancer research via the Damon Runyon cancer research foundation. Reaching the top of Kilimanjaro as a team with the help of our amazing Tanzanian crew. We could not complete this journey together without the support and love from our Tanzanian crew of guides, chefs, tent crew, toilet crew, waiters and porters. They work so hard to make it successful for all members. Deep friendships were formed on this journey and the results of that have been and will be palpable going forward. Eric, Luke and team Timmerman Traverse for Damon Runyon Kilimanjaro 2024 Thanks Eric Murphy

Timmerman Traverse Summits Kilimanjaro!

Timmerman Traverse calls from high camp!

Please note the connection is dropped at the end of the call. All is well with the team, and they are preparing for a summit attempt!

Timmerman Traverse calls from Karanga Camp

Timmerman Traverse on top of the Baranco wall. Feb 13, 2024

Hi everyone A quick shot of the team today, we are all doing fantastic. Eric, Luke and the team

Timmerman Traverse on top of the Baranco wall. Feb 13, 2024

Hi everyone

A quick shot of the team today, we are all doing fantastic.

Eric, Luke and the team

Timmerman Traverse at Barranco camp

Timmerman Traverse calls from Shira Camp

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