Jan. 4th Mexico Volcanoes – Final Transcript

We woke up at 1130pm "this morning" to start our ascent of the 3rd highest mountain in North America: Pico de Orizaba. The weather was perfect throughout our climb and four
climbers and three guides made the summit.
We climbed the Ruta Norte and found good conditions on the glacier.

We are currently en route back to Mexico City and look forward to a hot shower and a nice dinner before getting some much needed rest.

Thanks for following along and wish us luck 🤞 on our COVID exams!


AAI Mexico Volcanoes Jan. 3

Hello All,

The team travelled to 13,700 feet yesterday afternoon and setup camp at the Orizaba Basecamp. We had some ridiculously good burritos for dinner and then turned in for an early night. Most folks enjoyed 10-12 hrs of rest/sleep although there was a crazy dog cruising around camp that woke us all up!

After breakfast we went for a short acclimatization hike to 15000 feet and returned to camp for a great lunch: fresh fruit, soup and chicken!

The team is currently sitting and sorting through their gear in preparation for our early morning departure for the summit of Orizaba. We hope to make the 4600 foot climb through the night and reach the summit shortly after sunrise. The weather seems ideal and everyone is handling the altitude well. Wish us luck.

All the Best,

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Jan. 2 Mexico Volcanoes

Hey Everyone,

We all enjoyed another rest day today and are currently en route to our Basecamp at the base of Pico de Orizaba, the third highest mountain in North America.

The plan is to setup camp and then have burritos for dinner followed by some serious tent time. Tomorrow will be an easy start to the day and then a short acclimating hike to 15000 feet to ready the body for a summit push the following day.

Everyone has been staring at Orizaba for the past 24 hrs and people are very excited to start the climb.


Jan. 1 Mexico Volcanoes Update

Hello All,

The team had a well deserved rest day in Puebla today. We had a leisurely breakfast, relaxed and then had a great lunch overlooking the incredible Zocola Square. After lunch the team went on a nice walking tour of the city before loading into the vans and travelling a couple hours to the sleepy town of Zoapan which sits at nearly 10000 feet.

This is a key logistical spot for climbers attempting to climb Pico de Orizaba and further helps with our acclimatization process.

We are staying in the climbers lodge and they brought in a taco truck specifically for everyone here. It’s a great scene and the tacos are fantastic!

The plan for tomorrow is to move by 4×4 trucks to Orizaba Basecamp.


Summit Success in Mexico!

Not a bad way to spend the last day of 2021…The Alpine Ascents team summitted Iztaccihuatl earlier today. At over 17000 feet, this was several people’s highest point yet in their climbing careers! We are now en route to the city of Puebla for some much needed R & R in a hotel.

The first priority for 2022 is Pico de Orizaba, the third highest mountain in all of North America.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

I think the expedition was great. I have nothing but praise for our guide and everyone I spoke with in your office. Reasonably priced, great guides.

High camp on Izta at the Otis Mcallister hut
Final push on the summit ridge of Orizaba
Looking over the Valley of Mexico and Mexico City from high camp on Izta
Alpine Ascents Mexico Volcanoes
Photo: Mario Simoes
Alpine Ascents Mexico Volcanoes
Photo: Mario Simoes
Summit ridge of Izta
Street artist in Cholula, Mexico
The Aztec calendar on display at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City
Climbers on a day hike to acclimate near Izta
High camp on Izta at the Otis Mcallister hut
Summit ridge on Izta with Popo in the background
Early morning sunrise with Orizaba castings its shadow
Looking down the summit ridge of Orizaba
Architecture in Mexico City
Mesoamerica artifacts at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City


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