Elbrus 2018 – Team Red on Arrival Paints St Pete Red

Comrades, Family & Loved Ones,

Gorgeous weather today for our tour of St Petersburg. We kept things moving and managed to see quite a lot of central St Pete.

Peter the Great, founder of this city, was a sailor and admired Amsterdam— hence the many canals, bridges and embankments that wind through town. Here we are with the Church of Saint Nicholas in the background. We stopped to check out the Rostrum Columns— lighthouses decorated with sculptures representing Russia’s great rivers- and we swung by the Church of Spilled Blood, built in traditional Russian style. We visited the Peter & Paul Fortress, where the city was founded in 1703. Here, we heard the Noon Cannon Shot, which people used to determine the official time of day, aiding in navigation.

The afternoon was spent touring the highlights of the massive Hermitage art museum, once the Winter Palace of generations of Russian Tsars.

For our last dinner as a team, we sampled the cuisine of Georgia, the former Soviet Republic. It was very tasty and a perfect way to conclude our time here in Russia.

Tomorrow, we’ll start to make our way home to you. Thanks so much for following our trip!

Carole & Vern Tejas


Elbrus 2018 Red Team Travels to St. Petersburg

Priviet friends, family and loved ones,

We got up early and drove to the airport to catch an early flight to St Petersburg. Things went smoothly as we moved bodies and duffle bags across Russia 🇷🇺. Afternoon was free for exploration of the city. Then we finished the day off with begets and brews. Everyone is excited to tour town tomorrow!

All our best,
Carole and Vern Tejas


Elbrus 2018 – Team Red on Arrival Chills Out

Comrades, Family & Loved Ones,

Today was a day of relaxation, recuperation and alot of eating. After a delicious multi-course breakfast cooked by our hosts, the two Angelas, some of us went for a trail ride up the Terskol Valley and others of us soaked up the sun on the patio of our hotel. We all then went for a relaxed hike down to lunch. The trail is one of our favorites because it runs alongside the rushing Baksan River and has it all— berry bushes, beautiful forest and snow-capped mountain views. On the trail, we came across a camera crew filming a re-enactment of a World War I front line encampment.

The better part of the afternoon was spent having lunch— lake trout which we caught ourselves. We also presented summit certificates to the Team. After a couple- hour break and some last minute shopping we reconvened for dinner. The climb might be completed but our appetites are still in high gear.

Tomorrow is a travel day— we’re looking forward to St Petersburg!

Thanks for following,

Carole & Vern Tejas



Elbrus 2018 – Team Red on Arrival celebration!

Friends, family and loved ones,

We took one last look at Elbrus this morning and dropped down to the valley below to feast on Shashleak and beer. What a fabulous climb we had in very inclement conditions. Whiteout, wind snow and hail could not stop this team. We figure the wind speeds were around 40 mph and wind chill was close to zero. That requires thoughtful planning and execution throughout the climb. A rest break can destroy you if you don’t take care of little details.

And after we slugged it out all day we were finally rewarded with a sunny (albeit gusty) summit.

Now we are eating and showering to our hearts’ content. Tomorrow we will relax with mellow activities in the Baksan Valley.

All our best,
Carole and Vern Tejas


Elbrus 2018 – Team Red on Arrival Summits!

Comrades, Family & Loved Ones,

We’re back safely from the summit after a very challenging weather day. Epic, really, but we did it all in only 15 hours round trip.

What a strong Team! They did a truly amazing job- but after today we think they should change their name to Whiteout on Arrival.

More later, after we collect ourselves!

Carole & Vern Tejas

Amazing experience! Honestly, without the perfect decision making by Vern and support of Carole, this team may never have come close to summiting due to weather and choosing the time to go.

Mount Elbrus double-coned summit. Left summit is the highest at 18,510 feet
Russian Orthodox Cathedrals in the Kremlin, Moscow.
Cultural Museum on Red Square, Moscow.
Climbers on an acclimatization hike, with Elbrus in the background.
Looking outside out hotel window at the Caucasus Range. Lucky 7
View from the new Elbrus Huts.
Relaxing at the top of an acclimatization hike, Elbrus in the background.
Snow Cat used to transport gear to our highest hut.
Sunrise on Elbrus summit day.
The last 400 feet to the summit.
High on summit day with the shadow of Elbrus under the full moon.
Ushba, one of the most famous mountains of the Caucasus.
Celebration party after summiting Elbrus.
Climbers high on summit day.
View of one of the new Elbrus Huts
View of one of the new Elbrus Huts
View of the new Elbrus Huts
Eugene and Nicolai, two of our Russian guides.
Sunflower fields outside Mineral Vody, southern Russia.
St. Isaacs Cathedral, St. Petersburg.
Peter and Pauls Fortress, St. Petersburg
The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the greatest mueseum of Russia.
View of one of the new Elbrus Huts


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