Alpine Ascents is known worldwide for the unparalleled quality of its guide staff. While many other outfitters are little more than a “one-man show,” our trips are led by professional mountaineers with great flexibility in guide staff, full-time office support, logistics and access, and information for other great climbs around the world.

    Guide Staff

    Ben Jones

    Ben Thumb
    Guide: International, Washington, Alaska

    Vern Tejas

    Vern Tejas Thumb
    Guide: International, Washington, Alaska

    Carole Tejas

    Ctejas Sm
    Guide: International, Nepal Program Director

    I truly enjoyed the Elbrus trip. Good people, well organized, overall an excellent trip.

    Mount Elbrus double-coned summit. Left summit is the highest at 18,510 feet
    Russian Orthodox Cathedrals in the Kremlin, Moscow.
    Cultural Museum on Red Square, Moscow.
    Climbers on an acclimatization hike, with Elbrus in the background.
    Looking outside out hotel window at the Caucasus Range. Lucky 7
    View from the new Elbrus Huts.
    Relaxing at the top of an acclimatization hike, Elbrus in the background.
    Snow Cat used to transport gear to our highest hut.
    Sunrise on Elbrus summit day.
    The last 400 feet to the summit.
    High on summit day with the shadow of Elbrus under the full moon.
    Ushba, one of the most famous mountains of the Caucasus.
    Celebration party after summiting Elbrus.
    Climbers high on summit day.
    View of one of the new Elbrus Huts
    View of one of the new Elbrus Huts
    View of the new Elbrus Huts
    Eugene and Nicolai, two of our Russian guides.
    Sunflower fields outside Mineral Vody, southern Russia.
    St. Isaacs Cathedral, St. Petersburg.
    Peter and Pauls Fortress, St. Petersburg
    The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the greatest mueseum of Russia.
    View of one of the new Elbrus Huts


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