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Elbrus 2019 – Team Climbs to Pastakov Rocks

Greetings Comrades, I learned a new Russian proverb today: “Drive slow and you will go far”. This morning, we set out in pretty good weather conditions towards Pastakov Rocks, a terrain feature on Mount Elbrus that spans from 14,700 feet … Continue reading

Elbrus 2019 – Team Moves Up

Greetings Comrades, In the words of the venerable Dr. Seuss: “You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way.” Which is exactly what we did this morning, when we moved from … Continue reading

Elbrus 2019 – Team Gets Our First Peek at the Peak

Greetings Comrades, We got some good acclimatization today as we climbed up from the valley floor to an observatory at about 10,000 feet. We were accompanied for part of the way by a huge flock of very vocal sheep— it … Continue reading

Elbrus 2019 – Team Climbs Cheget Ridge

Greetings Comrades, It was a busy day of climbing, eating and organizing. This morning, we acclimatized by hiking up Cheget Ridge for a few hours until we could go no further. Why? See the sign below. After a rest at … Continue reading

Elbrus 2019 – Team Flies South

Greetings Comrades, We flew from Moscow today to the airport at Mineral Vody in the South of Russia. From there, we drove for a few hours past fields of corn and fruit trees into the mountains to Terskol, our base … Continue reading

Elbrus 2019 – Team Tours Moscow

Greetings Comrades, It’s hard to tour a city of over 12 million people in a single day, but we did our best and were able to hit many of Moscow’s highlights. We spent some time in Red Square (huge!) and … Continue reading

2019 Elbrus Season Begins!

Priviet (that’s “hi” in Russian) Everyone, Greetings from Moscow, where our first 2019 Elbrus Expedition kicked off today. Happy to report that everyone got here without a hitch and with no lost luggage! We spent some time this afternoon getting … Continue reading

Elbrus 2018 – Team Red on Arrival Paints St Pete Red

Comrades, Family & Loved Ones, Gorgeous weather today for our tour of St Petersburg. We kept things moving and managed to see quite alot of central St Pete. Peter the Great, founder of this city, was a sailor and admired … Continue reading

Elbrus 2018 Red Team Travels to St. Petersburg

Priviet friends, family and loved ones, We got up early and drove to the airport to catch an early flight to St Petersburg. Things went smoothly as we moved bodies and duffle bags across Russia 🇷🇺. Afternoon was free for … Continue reading

Elbrus 2018 – Team Red on Arrival Chills Out

Comrades, Family & Loved Ones, Today was a day of relaxation, recuperation and alot of eating. After a delicious multi-course breakfast cooked by our hosts, the two Angelas, some of us went for a trail ride up the Terskol Valley … Continue reading


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