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Mustang Trek – First Check In

Mustang Trek Begins Soon…


Everest Basecamp Trek – Khumbu Kutlets Close it Out

Namaste Friends, Family & Loved Ones, The Kutlets stuck together today on our free day in Kathmandu. We spent the morning touring Patan, one of the three historical royal cities of the Kathmandu Valley. We visited several important temples, spent some time in the Patan Museum and admired the fine woodcarved detail of the buildings […]

Everest Basecamp Trek – Khumbu Kutlets Fry it up in Phakding

Namaste Friends, Family & Loved Ones, We woke to clear blue skies— a most welcome change — and spent the morning lounging, taking photos and exploring “downtown” Namche. The commercial opportunities (-shopping!) in this town are like no other in the Khumbu and we hit it hard. After lunch, we reluctantly said goodbye to our […]

Everest Basecamp Trek – Whirlybirds to Lukla and then Kathmandu

Namaste everyone, Yesterday afternoon we all arrived to Lukla after a 4 hour walk in balmy Spring conditions. Relaxing, drinks and leisure time were enjoyed by all! Today the team has all just landed back in Kathmandu and is in route to the Yak and Yeti Hotel for showers and more celebrations! My thanks to […]

Everest Trek – Khumbu Kutlets (formerly Khumbu Khrü) in Namche

Namaste Friends, Family & Loved Ones, It’s Carole here, reporting in for the Khumbu Kutlets. We used to call ourselves the Khumbu Krü, but we’ve renamed ourselves the Kutlets after, well, long story! We said goodbye to Vern and the Island Peak climbers in Dingboche this morning and now happily find ourselves in Namche after […]

Khumbu Khrü Trekkers Part ways with Island Peak Climbers

Friends, family and loved ones, We have only been able to give updates with satellite phone due to the remoteness of the upper Khumbu valley. Now that we are down we can share photos again. We practiced ladder crossing in Base camp. The glacier was so beautiful we had to go explore. We then trekked […]

Everest Basecamp Trek – Khumbu Khrü descend to Dingbuche


Everest Basecamp Trek – Whirlybirds descend to Phakding

Namaste everyone, We are all doing great here at the Kongde View Lodge in Phakding. Today we spent a leisurely morning in Namche and folks got their shopping game on. Some paintings and other fun gift items were found. In Joresalle we stopped for lunch and to wait out some heavy rain after enduring an […]

Everest Basecamp Trek – Whirlybirds rest in Namche

Hi everyone, The team reached Namche yesterday evening around 5pm. We had a great day walking down from Dingboche basking in the thick oxygen and mountain views! We are enjoying the hospitality of our friends Sherap and Lakpa here at the Panorama Lodge. I think the team had its first celebration last night as we […]


  • Staying Hydrated in the Backcountry

    Sometimes the harsh environment encountered in mountaineering can make even the simplest tasks difficult. Staying hydrated is a perfect example – something that is among the most banal of tasks in the lowcountry can become exceedingly complicated in a cold, snowy environment. When all available water is locked up in solid form as snow or […]

  • webbing, anchor, water knot


    The following is the fifth in a series of “how-to” videos on the major knots and hitches used in the mountains. Stay tuned for more videos on knots like the bowline and ring bend, and hitches like the Klemheist and Prusik! The water knot is a simple knot used to tie two ends of webbing […]

  • Knots and Hitches: The Figure 8 Follow Through

    The following is the fifth in a series of “how-to” videos on the major knots and hitches we use in the mountains. Stay tuned for more videos on knots like the bowline, ring bend- and hitches like the Klemheist & Prusik! The Figure 8 follow through is a standard knot used for many different purposes […]

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