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Vinson: Team V5 back in Punta Arenas

Hello friends and family, this is Jangbu and Ari reporting for Alpine Ascents Vinson V5 team. The team made it back to civilization at Punta Arenas this morning. We had an early morning flight from Union Glacier Camp to Punta … Continue reading

Vinson: Team V5 Prepares to Fly Back to Punta Arenas


Vinson: Team V5 Descends All the Way to Union Glacier


Vinson: Team V5 Returns to Camp After Summit Success


Vinson: Team V5 Makes it to the Summit!


Vinson: Team V5 Rests Up in Preparation for a Summit Attempt


Vinson: Team V5 Waits Out the Weather


Vinson: Team V5 Takes a Rest Day


Vinson: Team V5 Makes a Summit Attempt and Prepares to Try Again


Vinson: Team V5 Makes it Up to High Camp



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