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Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) Says Farewell

Friends. Family & Loved Ones, The Crevasseputins toured Moscow today and saw many of the highlights of this fantastic city. After an afternoon of heavy shopping, we gathered one last time for dinner at a local Uzbecki restaurant. Fun was … Continue reading

Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) Arrives In Moscow

Friends, Family & Loved Ones, The day started early at 4:30 am, with a boisterous round of “Happy Birthday” and a ginormous birthday cake for Borko. The team then loaded up the bus and off to Moscow we went. All … Continue reading

Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) Have Fun

Friends, Family & Loved Ones, Sometimes a photo says it all. Below are highlights from our last day in the Baksan Valley: Carole and Vern would like to thank our local staff– Nikolai Cherney, The Angelas (our fabulous hosts in … Continue reading

Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) Descend!

Friends, Family & Loved Ones, Early this morning, we packed our bags and headed back down to the Valley. The warmth! The greenery! Showers at our hotel! This afternoon was spent relaxing, souvenir shopping and walking on some of the … Continue reading

Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) Summit!

Friends, Family & Loved Ones, We did it!! The Crevasseputins climbed to the top of Europe at 11 am this morning. We left the Huts at 3 am and for most of the way to the summit, it was COLD, … Continue reading

Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) prep for climb

Friends, Family & Loved Ones, We started off in strong winds today and headed out to find a spot slick enough for us to practice our self-arrest skills. We found just the place 15-20 minutes from the Huts and practiced … Continue reading

Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) Go Out in the Weather

Friends, Family & Loved Ones, Greetings from Mount Elbrus. The thing to report about today is the weather, and how this very strong Team hiked up to Pastakov Rocks at about 14,900 feet in 20-25 mph winds and blowing, icy snow. The views were… limited at best. So not the best weather today, but we […]

Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) Move Up

Friends, Family & Loved Ones, Team Crevasseputins reporting in from the cushy Leaprus Huts on the flanks of Mount Elbrus, our home for the next 4 days or so. After we arrived, we roped up and went for a short … Continue reading

Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) Acclimatize

Friends, Family & Loved Ones, The overnight rain ended today just as we began our hike to the watchtower above Terskol. The light clouds and cooler weather came as a relief from the beating sun of yesterday. Along the way, … Continue reading

Elbrus Team #2 (The Crevasseputins) Stretch Their Legs

Friends, Family & Loved Ones, Given our late arrival in Terskol last night, the Crevasseputins (formerly Team Meow) had a bit of a sleep-in today and mobilized in late morning for an acclimatization hike above the village of Cheget. Skies were clear and afforded us our first view of Mount Elbrus — so close and […]



      Welcome to our recurring series- Camp Chef! In this series of posts, we will discuss cooking in the backcountry and highlight some of our favorite recipes to use in a variety of situations. We will focus on simple, easy, and nutritious recipes that have proven delicious in the mountain environment, and offer related tips […]

  • Windshells 101

    Imagine climbing 5,000 vertical feet in a day during mid-summer covered in bubble wrap. Sounds hot and sweaty, right? That is essentially what it’s like trying to hike in a waterproof shell – loads of condensation and excessive heat retention. Thus, the need for a truly breathable active layer. Wind resistant, water resistant, and breathable, […]

  • The Notebook: Baker or Rainier?

    Welcome to The Notebook, where we will have guest writers presenting special features based on their fields of expertise, covering topics from mountaineering to adventure travel and everything in between. By Peter Potterfield As the author of Selected Climbs in the Cascades, both volumes 1 and 2, I get emails daily from adventurers coming to […]

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