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Summit Party parties at Mweka Gate!

Jumbo friends family and loved ones, We got one last glimpse of her majesty Kilimanjaro before the clouds rolled in. Then we beat feet down to Mweka Camp We could all feel the energy of extra oxygen A party ensued … Continue reading

Summit Party on the summit!

Jumbo friends family and loved ones, We departed camp at midnight and arrived on top of Africa at 7 AM. Big party on top! We descended 6,000 feet to Millennium camp, our home for the night. We’ve been moving for … Continue reading

Summit Party ascends to high camp

Jambo friends, family and loved ones, We said goodbye to beautiful Karanga camp and hello to good weather. The time passed quickly as we climbed this huge volcano and before we knew it we’d arrived at Barafu Camp which is … Continue reading

Summit Party to Karanga Camp 3995m

Jumbo friends, family and love ones! We got to jump on the day with an early start climbing the Barronca wall. Our guides kept us safe all the way to the top. We had some good views once we got … Continue reading

Summit Party climbs to Barranco Camp

Jumbo friends family and loved ones, Our whole African crew saying to us this morning as we left Shira camp. We took an obligatory sign posts picture as we headed up the hill towards the Kibo crater. Four hours climbing … Continue reading

Summit party climbs to Machame camp

Jambo friends, family and loved ones, Our climb began this morning at the Machame entrance gate. We climbed 4000 feet in about five hours. In the process will you send it through three distinct bio zones. Initially we we’re surrounded … Continue reading

“Summit Party”prepares for mountain

Jambo friends, family and loved ones, Orientation, introductions and gear check filled our day. Everyone is geared up and ready to go. By night we got to know each other over our scrumptious welcome dinner and drinks We toasted our … Continue reading

inReach message from Ben Jones

All is well with the team. Just finished up breakfast and are planning on hiking towards C2 for hikes the next two days before moving to C2. Talk to you soon. View the location or send a reply to Ben … Continue reading

Mag 7 complete Kilimanjaro climb

We awoke at 4 am this morning to assure that all made our flights. Stomping through the jungle we saw the unusual Colobus monkey. When we arrived at the Mweka gate we celebrated with our whole crew. Everyone was successful … Continue reading

Magnificent seven Summit Kilimanjaro

Jambo, friends, family, and loved ones, We are arose at 11 PM , threw on our clothes on grabbed a bite to eat and headed up in the dark at midnight.the stars were amazing with the Milky Way high overhead. … Continue reading

Mount Kilimanjaro BLOG

  • 2022 Kilimanjaro Webinar

    Are you planning on climbing to the roof of Africa this summer?  If so, check out the 2022 Kilimanjaro webinar that we hosted on May 25th.  Our Kilimanjaro Program Director, Eric Murphy, outlined our COVID-19 protocols, the Tanzanian VISA process, and gave a detailed overview of the trip and what to expect.  We wrapped up […]

  • Kilimanjaro COVID-19 Hunger Relief Update

    by Eric Murphy  Our ongoing and very successful ($37,000 +) Kilimanjaro Covid-19 Hunger Relief Fundraiser has just completed the 2nd food distributions for all 310 crew and staff. Members from our Tanzanian partner company Big Expeditions handled all aspects of whole purchase and transport of over 12,000 lbs of rice, corn and sugar. Arusha crew […]

  • Kilimanjaro: A Tribute to our Tanzanian Crew

    by Paul Koubek  As one of the western guides fortunate to work with the Alpine Ascents Kilimanjaro Program, when I was asked to write a blog post about any topic I wanted, the first thing that came to mind for me about my experience on Kilimanjaro was: the people! Every Alpine Ascents climb of Kilimanjaro […]

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