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Mexico Volcanoes: the Team Prepares to Summit Orizaba

The Team Prepares for an Orizaba Summit

Hello Cybercast followers! This is Hannah McGowan with our team here at the base of Orizaba. We are chilling today, we went for an acclimatization hike for the last couple hours which was absolutely beautiful, our weather is perfect so far – sunny skies and beautiful views all around. We had a leisurely brunch of […]

The Team Arrives at Orizaba

The Team Takes a Rest Day in Puebla

Mexico Volcanoes Team Summits Iztaccihuatl

Team Prepares to Summit Itzaccihuatl

Mexico Volcanoes: The Team Arrives at Itzaccihuatl

Good evening Cybercast listeners, this is Hannah McGowan with our team here at the La Jolla Trailhead on Itzaccihuatl. We arrived here today around mid-morning/early afternoon. We created our camps, got all settled in, had a delicious lunch of cooked chicken and rice in the form of tacos and then we headed up for an […]

Mexico Volcanoes: The Team Arrives at the Trailhead


Mexico Volcanoes: Hello from Mexico City

Hi, this is Stuart checking in for the Alpine Ascents Mexico Volcanoes trip . Our last trip of three this season down here. After prudently cancelling trips last season due to the worldwide COVID pandemic we have worked hard this … Continue reading

Mexico Volcanoes 10/30 Team Summits Iztaccihuatl!


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  • Top 5 Questions: Mexico Volcanoes

    With our first Mexico Volcanoes trip of the winter season fast approaching, we sat down with guide Hannah McGowan for her words of wisdom when it comes to this iconic climbing trip. Mexico Volcanoes:  Top 5 Questions What’s the food like? Simply put, the food on this expedition is awesome! We eat at a variety […]

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