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Camp Chef: Breakfast Sandwich

Welcome to our new, recurring series- Camp Chef! In this series of posts, we will discuss cooking in the backcountry and highlight some of our favorite recipes to use in a variety of situations. We will focus on simple, easy, and nutritious recipes that have proven delicious in the mountain environment, and offer related tips & tricks for staying happily fed in the backcountry.

Cooking & eating on a longer mountaineering trip can quickly become dreary. The ease of use of performance foods & dehydrated meals can give way to gut-rot & a loss of appetite. One of the best ways to reduce the monotony of food in the backcountry is to incorporate some fresh-cooked recipes into your itinerary. While these meals are more complicated to cook and heavier, they offer a nice break from bland, processed alternatives.

Breakfast Sandwiches

While mountaineers have been getting by on instant oatmeal packets and energy bars as breakfast for decades, sometimes a slower, heartier meal can be just the ticket to making long days in the mountains feel more manageable. This meal keeps well, and is easy to adjust size based on how hungry your group is.


  • 3 tbs butter (for cooking)
  • 4 Everything bagels
  • 3-4 oz sliced cheese (pepperjack and cheddar melt nicely)
  • 16 oz liquid eggs
  • hot sauce

Cook the eggs in a buttered pan (nonstick frying pans work best). Once cooked, set aside. Turn the stove down as low as it will go, and warm bagels and cheese until cheese is suitably melted (this is sometimes easier said than done – you can try raising the frying pan a bit off the stove to achieve a lower heat). Then, simply spoon the eggs over the top of your melted cheese, and season with hot sauce to taste!

Check out Matt’s video to see more:


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