Team Crack Exposure moves during the night to Camp 1 at the base of Ski Hill, avoiding the warm day temperatures on the sunny Kahiltna

Hello folks, this is Dennis calling in with an update for Team Crack Exposure. So yesterday or last night, we moved from Half Camp to Camp 1, that’s where we camp out at the base of Ski Hill. We are continuing with our altitude… (transmission choppy). We’ve got the epic warm temperatures throughout the day; we’ve got running water constantly down all over the mountains, and very frequent rockfall and icefall coming off all of the peaks surrounding us on the Kahiltna Glacier here… (transmission garbled) We are finding decent travelling in the evenings… (transmission garbled) Apparently twenty to twelve, almost midnight here, and we plan to get up and leave at about one in the morning.

Our plan today is to make a carry with a lot of our food and heavy gear, up the Kahiltna Corner (around 9,000 feet).

The crew has been happy relaxing today in the beautiful sunshine and they’re all… (transmission garbled) having a nap before we get up and drag up stuff higher on the glacier.

I am sitting in the cook tent right now making a cheesecake which I don’t know about yet, so hopefully that’ll be my surprise for us and we can all come and have a good dinner (transmission garbled).

So that’s the conditions we’re having at the moment. It’s making us travel at night at the moment, but it’s also really nice to walk at night, and not be so hot. So we’re enjoying our trip so far; everyone’s feeling great and we’re progressing up the mountain at a good pace. So that’s all from us now. We’ll have another update for you tomorrow, so please keep listening. And everyone wants to say “hi” to their friends and family, we miss you guys but we are having a great time up here.
That’s all from Team Crack Exposure, thank you.



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