Team Mera Has a Nice Acclimatization Tour.

Hello friends family and loved ones! This is Team Mera, we are at 4500 meters, it’s an absolutely clear day, you can see all up and down the valley. We had a nice little acclimatization tour. We went up to Sabai Tsho which means ‘the Lake of Sabai’. Sabai is the glacier that feeds it and it comes off the mountains right above us. Back 23 years ago there was a small earthquake and avalanche and set off an avalanche of ice and debris from the glacier and it fell down into the lake and it was so much pressure on the terminal moraine wall that the wall blew out and flash flooded the whole valley. Fortunately no one was killed but it demolished the valley, took out a few houses in the process and left a jumble all up and down the Hinku Valley. So we went up there and had beautiful views took some beautiful pictures. However we’re not able to send them to you because we’re still out of Internet. However everybody is okay doing well with the altitude and in great spirits. After we went for a hike we did a little knot-tying class. Everybody knows the six major knots for climbing so I call that progress at high altitude. So please stay tuned for further adventures of team Mera! Tata for now.”


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