Bhutan Trek 2019 – First Day of Hiking to Shana Camp

Hello Everyone,

We had perfect weather on our first day of hiking into the mountains of Bhutan. We had some sun, some clouds, and at times looked like it could rain at any minute but we stayed dry. The first hike on this trek is on a rough road through some small villages and farmland gaining about 1,500ft of elevation in total, gradually following the Paro River. The team is feeling great and excited for a good nights sleep with the River as background noise that will help lessen the noise of barking stray dogs through the night. For our small group we have 11 horses carrying all the food, gear and tents for the ten day trek and a crew of 4 other Bhutanese helping including the cook. Yeshey, my Bhutanese counterpart has the usual quiet demeanor of most Bhutanese but is filled with local knowledge of the area. We are off to bed but look forward to seeing some high peaks tomorrow as we continue higher up. Tonight we sleep at 9,300ft.

Thanks for following along,

Ben Jones


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