Team Mera Flies to Lukla

Friends, family & loved ones,

Greetings from Lukla. We were on the first flight from Kathmandu this morning and despite some low clouds we were treated to beautiful mountain views from the plane on our way in. See photo below for the world’s shortest runway! Everything went very smoothly and we landed in Lukla before 7:30 this morning.

We spent the day acclimatizing in and around town, which is located at over 9000 feet. We walked around and enjoyed the cool mountain air. We visited the monastery and very fortunate for use the monks began a Puja blessing ceremony. It was a full blown performance music chanting and lots of burning incense. After the ceremony we visited the marketplace and sampled coffee and desserts.

Tomorrow we plan to take a heli over the ridge and cross into the Hinku Valley to the village of Khote, where we will spend a couple of nights.

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Carole and Vern Tejas


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