Team rests at Basecamp

Hello everybody this is Ben calling here from the Manaslu basecamp. We are doing great, the team is doing very well here. We had a rest day at basecamp today. Just kinda getting used to the altitude, our new altitude is 16,000 feet and yeah just kinda relaxing hanging out a little bit. We all had some meals, a shower this morning. A little bit of rain today, right now it’s sprinkling. Tomorrow we will be doing our Puja ceremony for safe passage up Manaslu. We will do that with our team and then get into to packing mode- getting harnesses out and getting our gear ready for hopefully heading up to camp on here in the next couple of days. Jim and Dan are both doing very well acclimatizing well feeling good. Hopefully gonna get our Wi-Fi connect tomorrow and we’ll be talking to you guys here shortly. We’ll talk soon, thanks for listening!


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