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6/25 10-Day Course: Mount Baker Summit!


6/25 10-Day Course: Crushes Crack Rescue


6/25 10-Day Course: Day 1

After gear check the 6/25 10-day course made good time on their hike up to the Heliotrope Ridge camp on Mt Baker – all’s well! View the location or send a reply to Paul Koubek: https://inreach.garmin.com/textmessage/txtmsg?extId=3bc86082-d054-45a7-860c-2394a18c64f9&adr=joxo740yojo%40post.wordpress.com Paul Koubek sent this message from: Lat 48.788223 Lon -121.868269 Do not reply directly to this message. This message […]

June 23 Baker Climb: Summit Success

Brilliant day – started off sunny, ended cloudy and windy. Did some snow school this morning and then put the skills to practice and climbed the mountain. Everybody gave it their all and summited!! All on top! The crew is now happily back at camp being served bacon Mac and cheese and regaling their accomplishments. […]

6/13 10-Day Course Summits Mount Baker!


6/13 10-Day Course: Crevasse Rescue Day


6/13 10-Day Course: Full Day of Ice Climbing


June 2 Baker Climb: Burgers & Beer bound!

Enjoyed some great adventures on the Easton Glacier this afternoon – navigated an icefall and a creek drainage back to the van. Super fun. Now we’re on the way to dinner for a well earned meal. Ciao! Devin

June 2 Baker Climb: Day Three

Yesterday was an exercise in expedition storm skills: wet conditions kept the team tent bound for 26 hours and eliminated a summit attempt. This morning our hardy crew emerged from their sodden tombs and enjoyed periods of sun over breakfast – huzzah! The plan is to go for a walk on the Easton Glacier this […]

May 13 6-Day Course

AAI Lead Guide Kristie Kayl just checked in from another beautiful day on the south side of Mount Baker. Today they had a comprehensive snow school and learned about safe and efficient movement on snow. The team also learned how to make bomber snow anc…


  • Denali: A Photo Essay

    by Brooke Warren Denali “The High One” is the third highest of the seven summits, right behind Everest and Aconcagua, at 20,310 feet. It is an “ultra-prominent” peak with soaring vertical relief of 18,000 feet, greater even than Mount Everest (a mere 12,000′ of vertical relief) when measured from its 2,000-foot lowlands to its lofty […]

  • Top-10 Gear Misconceptions

    Misconceptions about climbing gear can leave you wandering in the woods. In this article, we’ll look at the top-10 most common gear-related misconceptions for those newer to mountaineering, and offer some quick comments in answer. This piece was originally published in 2017, but it’s proved so helpful that we pulled it from the archives and […]

  • Improving Body Composition for Mountaineering

    by Maria Faires, RD Strength-to-weight ratio is an important key performance indicator for the mountain climbing athlete. Have you ever tried to hike up a steep trail with a heavy backpack?  The more you carry, the harder the effort. Weight matters.   A mountaineer’s performance will be enhanced by being as close to their ideal body […]

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