Dear Alpine: Foggy Glacier Glasses

dear alpine: foggy glacier glasses

Hey Alpine,

My glacier glasses get so foggy when I’m hiking up the Muir snowfield that it’s like my eyeballs are in a sauna.  How can I beat the steam and get my visibility back?   Help!

Blinded by the Exertion 


Hi Blinded,

We’ve all been there!   Heavy breathing and eyewear are not a match made in heaven.  However, there are a few tricks you can use to prevent glacier glasses from fogging up in the future.   First, you need to understand why this happening.  Eyewear typically fogs if there is not enough ventilation or airflow around the face/head of the wearer.

Anti Fog Tip #1: Make sure you have the correct upper body and headwear layers on.  If you feel like you are overheating or getting very sweaty, glacier glasses will likely fog quicker.

Anti Fog Tip #2: Adjust the positioning of the glacier glasses on your face.  Move glasses further down your nose to allow more ventilation.

Anti Fog Tip #3:  Try out “cat crap”, an anti-fog product for glasses and goggles.  Apply it ahead of time at your house.  Weird name, but very effective

Hope this helps you see clearly now the fog is gone.   You can see all obstacles in your way.  Gone are the dark clouds (of fog) that had you blind.  It’s going to be a bright, bright, sunshiny day.

See You in the Mountains,

PS.  All the Cat Crap in the world won’t make you look as cool as Dave Watson pictured above.  Believe me, we’ve tried.

dear alpine: foggy glacier glasses


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