The Sledge Dogs move up through some wind and snow to 14 Camp then end the day with a nice Indian dinner


Evening everybody, this is Sam with The Sledge Dogs.

We took advantage of what may be just breaks in the weather and moved through some light winds and lots of snow to establish our next Camp up here at 14,200 feet, just below the West Buttress. And it was a great move day for the Team. Everyone performed really well; everyone’s looking strong and we moved really efficiently.

So set up a nice camp here and had a nice Indian food dinner. And we’re just heading to bed now, in anticipation of kind of an active rest day tomorrow where we’ll head down the hill about 1,200 feet, grab our cache of food and warm clothes and consolidate everything here and that’ll establish us pretty well for moving higher onto the mountain.

So yeah like I said, we’re all very happy with our progress and yeah, we’re looking forward to a good night’s sleep. So we’ll check back in tomorrow.


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