Machu Pichu Lodge Trek (Team Muchos Piscos) takes a day hike to Lake Humantay, with a special surprise

Hello friends and family!

As part of our acclimatization to the high altitude on our trek we are spending two nights at the Salkantay Lodge. Today we enjoyed a day hike that brought us up to Lake Humantay ( 14,000 ft/4,221 m ) which rests below a glacier on Humantay peak.

Humantay peak is one of many sacred apu’s of the Inca religion. Apu is a name given to powerful mountain spirits. Peruvians still make offerings to the sacred mountains and today we were fortunate to experience a traditional ceremony with Q’ero shamans. These shamans or priests live in a community high up in the Andes and are descendants of the Inca people and still practice the ancient rituals, giving thanks to Mother Earth, praying to the mountain gods.

After the ceremony we walked down to the beautiful multicolored lake and then back to the lodge for a lunch of quinoa salad, lomo saltado and fruit desert. The rest of the day we will enjoy the lodge, hot tub and mountain views. Tonight, a Bon fire with the shamans and Andean star gazing!

Tomorrow we will be heading over Salkantay pass, at 15,213 ft. (4,638m), our high point on the trek and down to the Wayra Lodge. Everyone is doing well as we adjust to the altitude and enjoy these amazing lodges in an incredible setting. Living the dream 🙂

Lake Humantay

Javier Bello, our fearless local guide! He is vastly knowledgable about the history of Peru and local culture, flora and fauna.

As part of the ceremony we wore these colorful traditional hats. 🙂

More photos to come!

-Anna Zajicek


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