Peru Climbing Team Views the Huarapasca Glacier

Hi family and friends,

The team continued their acclimatization process today hiking up to the beginning of the Huarapasca glacier (16,283 feet) where they had a climbing school session reviewing basic climbing techniques and glacier travel skills.

During the drive to the trailhead, they stopped to see some rock paintings dating back to 200 AD and admire the Puya Raimondi which is the largest species of bromeliad. This plant is native to Bolivia and Peru and is restricted to the high Andes at an elevation of 10,000 – 15,800 feet. The trunk, peduncle and inflorescence together can reach as much as fifty feet in total height. It can produce an inflorescence 16 to 23 feet in length bearing between 8,000 and 20,000 flowers, and a total of six million seeds from each plant.

Today they will hike to the Ishinca hut (14,455 feet) from where they will start the climbs of the first two mountains of their program: Urus and Ishinca.

Amy, Sharon, John and Paul are doing well and say hi to their loved ones.

Please stay tuned.

Best to you all

Photo 1 : Reviewing Skills

Photo 2: Descending the Huarapasca moraine

Photo 3: Rock paintings

Photo 4: The foot of the Huarapasca glacier

Photo 5: The Puya Raimondi


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