Oxygen, bare hands, and some cervezas for Team Climb For A Smile after reaching the almost tropical Base Camp

Hey there friends, family, and loved ones, this is Team Climb For A Smile.

And what we did today was descend for some oxygen. Yes, it was a grueling day, packing up, putting everything on our backs, going down to the Fixed Lines and then sliding everything down to the bottom. Everybody was quite happy with that. Then we did a forced march from our Low Camp all the way down to Base Camp with sleds.

And we just had a great meal of chicken and taters and everybody seems to be fat and sassy, especially with the Austral cervezas going down. (transmission choppy)… Vinson Base Camp (at about 7,000 feet above sea level) now and in good spirits. It’s so warm down here; it’s like going to the tropics. We’ve got oxygen and bare hands. Well, we’re enjoying it.

Stay tuned for the further adventures. Find out what happens tomorrow to Climb For A Smile.

Vinson 04 551


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