Everest Trek – Khumbu Kutlets (formerly Khumbu Khrü) in Namche

Namaste Friends, Family & Loved Ones,

It’s Carole here, reporting in for the Khumbu Kutlets. We used to call ourselves the Khumbu Krü, but we’ve renamed ourselves the Kutlets after, well, long story!

We said goodbye to Vern and the Island Peak climbers in Dingboche this morning and now happily find ourselves in Namche after a long but lovely hike.

We descended from Dingboche through Tengboche, where the Kutlets cut it up in front of the monastery. We continued down the Tengboche Hill. The greenery! The oxygen! The rhododendrons starting to bloom!

The suspension bridges now feel like old hat.  It started drizzling on us shortly before we reached Namche, but most of the day was clear and absolutely beautiful.

The Khumbu Kutlets are thriving!

Carole Tejas

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